Question about how attack buffs interact

How do attack buffs interact with Miki/Tarlak’s abilities? I understand there is a normal attack limit so if I use Boldtusk (+48%) with Miki, I only get 40% of his boost. However, does that same limitation apply to the attack boosts of costume Krampus or elemental boost from somebody like Alasie or
Drake Fong? Could I stack Boldtusk/Kiril, costume Krampus, and Alasie with Miki? Or does it all cap out at 170% no matter what? I included screenshots of the abilities in question for reference.




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Miki and Tarlak can stack with other attack buffs. Up to the specified max.

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Yeah, well, my question is whether costume Krampus attack buff is considered the same kind of attack buff as Boldtusk in regards to Miki/Tarlak. Would Miki give +130% by himself and then Ktampus give, say, +85% by himself cuz his attack boost is not “normal” and different than Boldtusk. It has a different icon from normal attack boost.

Ah okay. I don’t have Krampus. I have Khiona. Her attack boost is similar to Krampus. I have used both her and miki together for titan attacks.

Haven’t noticed any perceptible improvement even with DD. Ran a small test on map stage.

Miki boost didn’t kick in (As expected)
Khiona boost kicked in. +45%.
Stacked with 2019 HOTM FB +15% attack.

Someone should be able to give you a more comprehensive answer.

From my experience the “normal” attack buff from Boldtusk overwrites costume Krampus, and vice-versa. You have to note that Krampus’ card does not state that it stacks, while Miki and Tarlak do.

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Here is the thread about buffs.

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I believe the only way to go over the cap is through tile attack buffs such as Ratatoskr’s. Franz also works well with them since his special not affected by the cap.

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Unfortunately, that thread does not address my question. Does Beserk buff count towards wrath of tundra/martial prowess or is it separate? It seems ambiguous to me. How can we find out without a dev commenting?

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It can’t go over the 170% cap when Miki special is active. When they say “normal” attack they are referring to tile damage or slash damage as opposed to direct damage or dot from specials. So Krampus will only add up to 40% more.

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The updated topic

(📑 Updated Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments), Stacks, Innate Abilities and Resistances)

Clear as mud

Trial and error

Sometimes it sucks

Math versus English

Crit buffs should also increase damage

The cap appears to apply to

Attack stat

Only when calculating normal damage / tile damage / matching damage


Thank you for the info


I agree, based on info in this topic

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