Question about Hatter – how does he work with Riposte and Inari?

Hey, some people in my alliance were wondering some things about Hatter. If he hits a riposte hero would he take damage? What happens when he attacks inari? ( does he just auto take it or does it still have to try to get past the dodge chance).

No idea on the Inari question, but it is my understanding that special skills execute each item in the order they are listed on the card.

So Hatter will hit for damage first, thus he will take damage from the active Riposte on any of his targets. THEN he will steal buffs.

This is in contrast to Kageburado, who dispels first, then damages - so Kage will not take damage from Riposte. Hatter will take damage.

Good gaming!

With Inari effect active, each hero is given the 54% chance to evade the Hatter’s steal. A hero that makes its saving throw keeps all its buffs and gains a Sakura Fox minion. Otherwise the buffs, including Inari’s, are stolen by the Hatter and given to Hatter or an ally.

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