Question about Guardian Jackal talent tree

What route on talent tree would you coose with heros like g jackal (I mean glass cannons, hit hard, die quick). Would it be better to strenghten his weakness and go with defense or play him all out attack? I need to mention that I use this card a lot - for wars, raids, def team and titans as it is my first maxed out 4*. The rest of the squad I have almost maxed out Rigard and Wilbur, 3/60 - Cyprian, Sumitomo, Triton and almost 2/60 King Arthur. I know there are posts about this on this forum but they are taking GJ as only titan hero, but for now I need to use him everywhere

I prefer to compensate weaknesses, but some others may increase the strengths.

Since dead heroes won’t shoot at all, durability count more than some more dealt damage imo.

At last it’s a question of believe and believe me, both roads are cool… :wink:


Here’s the route for mine. I use him mostly on Titans and War attacks though. I strongly recommend you replace him on defense.

I’m up to about +11 on the pure defense/HP route for mine and have been very pleased with the results. His high attack power is nice, but I bring him to battles for the holy defense debuff, and now he’s much more likely to not die so that he can actually apply it.


Let’s see the card stats with that…must be delicious!

I just landed a 96k hit on a 12* Chaos Spider with him!


While generally true, in this game dead heroes contribute almost 100% of their tile damage. That’s about where any argument for attack route ends, as for all other purposes hp/def routes are better.

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I’m prioritizing Def with my tree, but I’ll take the Atk/Def path rather than HP/Def. He has ok HP, just needs to take a little less damage all around.


There’s another thread that discusses this pretty well.

If your primary focus is titans and events where tile damage is king and you are fighting high level ones (say 9+) then the defense and health increases don’t allow him to survive an additional hit (i.e. if he takes 2 hits to kill he still takes 2). So I went all attack.

If you like raiding/war where there is slash damage then defense and health makes sense as he may take another slash hit before death.

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