Question about Gadeirus

Does this hero have an resurrection feature like alberic?

No. Does what it says: heals/regenerate. 612/4 per turn hp.
Not revive/ressurect.


Too bad this guy is “slow”


I agree, but adding resurrect isn’t balanced at a 4* level. I argued in beta that the initial hit needs to be much more significant. It’s not an “Empowering Bash” but more of an “Enfeebled Swipe”.


i would say in the 4* class he is relatively useless since there are heros with average speed that give the same benefits and have better stats. and probably wouldn’t level this guy even if he was the very last 4* to level on my roster. have actually fed him to others 4 times already.


when you are f2p he’s your 4* ares :smiley:


Whaaaa…? I would level him, he’s the only green attack buffer in the game, use him for titans. Heal over time isn’t bad for titans either. Probably 10* or below titans only.

When you are F2P or C2P who is not lucky at all.
Aka me lol.


hmmm maybe. but dropping defense increases damage more than raising attack. plus he’s slow mana will burn through mana pots to be effective with average or worse boards. i would take 3 greens with 700+ attack and a defense dropper like wilbur instead but that’s just me


True true, defense down is more important, you bring Wilbur even to blue? You can always use dragon or bear banners too but +48% is pretty hefty too. Either way works.

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against 11* that we have been fighting lately, i bring wilbur on every titan except the rare tiger. cuts down on items needed to survive, and buffs/debuffs defense as well. he’s a pretty solid trifecta of special skills.

There are only 4 heroes ranked as A+ against titans by Anchor: Athena, Tarlak, Wu Kong, and Wilbur. I not run Wilbur on every non-blue titan, but I feed a mana pot immediately.

But this thread is about Gadeirus the underwhelming. How to improve him?

boost him from slow to average, take away the heals or keep the heals and take away the damage. just make him a green boldtusk or kiril which is how i think he was intended but someone did some overthinking in the design process

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last thing nature element needed was another slow hero.


should be more than enough slow manas in 1 color. and green only has 1 average mana hero to my knowledge and that’s melendor. which probably leans gadeirus more towards keeping damage and removing heals so he fits into the color since there aren’t 4* attack buffers and 44% healers in the other colors, normally one or the other


Just got him, will never Level him. Slow mana and nearby. In my opinion he’s worse compared to 4* Melendor than 3* Friar Tuck compared to 3* Belith.

You might use him as an alternative to 4* Kashhrek, except 4* heroes need Sturdy Shields so my 4* Kashhrek is staying at 4* 3.60. If I got him before 4* Kashhrek, I might have leveled him to 4* 3.60.

He reminds me of Guardian Owl, a great map/ challenge/ quest Boss, but a terrible hero.

Most games deal with heroes like this by letting you a) shatter him for gems, b) buy a better 4* green for gems, c) buy a better 4* green using some non-premium currency, d) buy a better 4* green using seasonal event currency, e) trade him to a player that doesn’t know any better.

Clarification: buy means “X gems/ currency for Melendor “ not Elemental green summons.

here you get to use him to level another hero lol which can be useful in my experience. especially if you stock up on unwanted 3* and 4* and want to save a few trainers when maxing a 5*

Green color is in injustice deep problem with its 4☆ .
There is quite few hitters in this root.
1 fast Cead 1 slow LJ … and that Rook guy.
Other roots has a better heroes in all ways.
There should be adding new 4☆ heroes who are not Atlantis nor Events.
Regular new heroes needed to improve the game play.
Add new heroes to the TC13 TC20 … its not seem to be those just heres to pull all the time.
Newbloods … requesting I do.


yes!!! the women heroes color topic is closed :slight_smile: ty ty ty :kissing_heart:

offtopic i know.

gadeirus is good for me :slight_smile:

I have to give some credits to Gadeirus here. He is my first and only green 4* hero and he brought me through all the quests , season 1 , season 2 and still does despite him being only at 3 60. Sometimes I don’t even notice that he is slow because his regen and buff is long enough until his mana is full again. Maybe he is not the strongest 4* in the game but certainly one of the best 4* green with Caedmon and Melendor. I find him very useful it’s also a matter of playstyle. For those who don’t have any green 5* he is a good pick. When you pair him with another healer in your team your survivability is going to be high enough for all content of the game.

I quite like him and use him against blue titans in following formation:
Tried that against 10* Kraken and scored 30-50k.

Nevertheless, his damage is laughable and it’d be much better if he had +54% def against red for instance.

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