Question about falcons ability

Screenshots of falcons ability used twice in a row, had him charged starting the boss fight and immediately used mana potions to charge again. As you can see his special does almost double damage the second time. The question is if chao can’t hit a purple hero with his special harder than he could hit a green hero with his special, even though the color pie… what makes the difference here that making them weak to fire increases the damage his special is doing?theres a thread about specials being colourless but this is an example of a special indeed having a color.

The pictures uploaded the wrong way. The bottom picture is the first picture

I believe it is because his special specifically singles out a color (red). I could be wrong so don’t quote me but I think when a color is specified it pertains to specials as well.


Rockstar is correct. Color specific debuffs work on specials. I’ll run double jackals at times for that reason.

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@King_Nothing is exactly right. Defense debuffs affect both tile/slash and specials, and elemental debuffs are just a variant of defense debuffs. They also stack with generic defense debuffs (like Gormek/Tibertus/Grimm/Wilbur)

This property makes Falcon, Jackal, King Arthur, Panther and the forthcoming Evelyn extremely valuable heroes, especially against titans (where the only opponent is one particular color, already weak to a color, which also stacks with the debuffs).

Extra credit: How do you use Wilbur to further leverage this skill?

Answer: bring Wilbur, elemental debuffer, and stronger sniper (e.g. Jackal and Joon). Wilbur puts on his big generic defense debuff and links all the foes to share damage. Jackal adds holy debuff to the most vulnerable hero, Joon kills/cripples everyone with one shot. Good times.


I think I’m mainly confused why Caedmon wouldn’t do more damage with his special to kiril than to a green hero with similar stats. If making enemies weak to fire means that falcons special now does double damage that means his special has a color. So why would the other heroes specials be colourless? Like ok so now the enemy is weak to fire… but kiril is already weak to nature so shouldn’t Caedmon hit kiril harder than Caedmon could hit idk chao or something?

Yeah, it’s confusing.

A few hero’s specials specifically state, “Deals extra damage against (color)”. Zeline, Gravemaker and Natalya are the ones that come to mind. E.g.

Other heroes, e.g. Caedmon in your example, don’t say that, so their special attack is counted as neutral damage — except when an elemental debuff is applied.

The elemental defense debuff is a different mechanic. If Evelyn (future Nature HotM with nature debuff) casts first and attaches a nature debuff on a hero, and then Caedmon fires at that hero, the defense against that special cast from a nature hero is much lower, even though (unlike Zeline) the special doesn’t have a special bonus hitting that hero.

Using Gravemaker with Falcon or Zeline with Evelyn adds another layer of goodness. You get the bonus both on offense and defense.


I see two possibilities causing confusion for OP.

First, G Falcon is hitting target with single damage, then double because of a debuff. That term is used in Caedmon as well, but it means something entirely different.

Then, there is the fact that an elemental debuff lowers defenses in an entirely different way than say Tibs.

Read the responses from Kerridoc and Beezer closely. These responses will improve your scores quickly and massively

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I get lucky and am right sometimes!

It is mainly thanks to this wonderful forum and players like you who share your infinite wisdom of this game! It is always much appreciated!

I will have to play around with Wilbur using your suggestion.

As always, thanks!

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He’s lots of fun. Remember to always aim at the target with the lowest defense. The damage call is made just against that foe, then spread around to everyone else.


Thanks again for the tip!

@Kerridoc if somebody is using tibs and panther against a titan, which order of firing would do more damage?

I haven’t run the numbers, but I think Panther then Tibs. Panther doesn’t hit all that hard.

In contrast, I think (again, haven’t run the numbers) that Grimm then Arthur is the right order. Arthur hits hard.

It would be Tibs then Panther. Ramming pulverizer isn’t counted as dark damage.

Also be careful using Panther with Wilbur. Panther will remove Wiburs enemies shared damage buff

Sorry, that’s wrong. Although Tibertus doesn’t show as extra damage vs Holy, with the elemental debuffs all normal and special damage from heroes of that color are boosted. Tibertus’s special is made more powerful by Panther’s debuff.


How much damage is “extra damage” anyway? 10%? 15%? 25%? 50%!?!?! I have no clue

I think I saw in the damage calculation thread that it’s 40%. However, I’m not totally certain about that number since I don’t have any of those types of heroes to test it out.

54%. Falcon is really good in the right situation. And to be clear, this -54% applies to all damage from red heroes, including specials (e.g. Scarlett).


Is there a disconnect here? I think parties are talking about different pieces of the special. The “extra damage” seemed to mean the “splash” to either side of a target.