Question about Debuffs

Hi Guys, I was wondering, what happens if I fight (e.g.) the Typhoon Dragon, wich special is to blind for 4 turns
and I use Wu Kongs special, wich is to blind my whole hero crew for 5 turns.
What happens with the debuffs? Will they stack or is it just the highest one (Does anyone know, how much a titan blind? Is it more or less than Wu Kong?), or is it the latest one, that will be active?

Wish you all a nice weekend :slight_smile:

I don’t have hard data but it appears to be close to additive stacking with Hu Tao / Justice and Wukong. That is just based on feel from raids, no interest in trying to count via video recording over some large dataset haha.

That said, Emperor / Typhoon titan = antidote, don’t stack them as a result.

Okay, that was the idea behind it, the antidote and to have a free space in my inventory.
Thank you :slight_smile:

If you hold down on your hero during battle you can see the effects that is affecting it. You see the exact percentage that your accuracy is lowered and so on. I don’t have wu but have been told that his lowering of accuracy stacks with other heroes and with titans.

You’re right, the titan debuff stacked with the own debuff from Wu. So, good to know, I’ll have to take the antidote

Clearly both effects stack on the hero, but how that is counted is the real question. Will it just use one ore both. Is it additive or multiplicative? Meaning are the accuracy penalties added together and then rolled, or does it make 2 separate hit rolls? So if first roll can hit the second can still miss and the result is a miss.

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