Question about critical troop and attack, expert players help me please

Hi guys,what is the effect of critical troops?
Is that effect on hero special attack too? For example it makes Malosi 600 % damage or just effect on normal attack I mean the damage of troops?
Another important question, Malosi element link is give all holy allies 10% percent critical chance, it is like critical troop or not? Because when I use it and my troops hits enemy sometimes say critical
Please help me thanks

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It’s on their tiles — it’s a chance of doing (I think) double damage.

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For Malosi it is same and like critical troops too?

Yes, the element link bonus critical chance is counted and added and troop also added.
And critical only apply to tiles damage (offense) or slash attack (defense).

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Have a brouse at this

This to

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What is slash attack

Could be two things one a male coming out the bushes and urinating all over you. Or this could help aswell :wink:

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Here’s a full break-down on the Crit stat on troops, special skills and elemental links:


To the best of my knowledge, it is the AI’s special attack used by passive heroes like Rigard or Sabina. As far as I am aware it does 100% damage to target. In the right circumstances, those AI hits can add up.

Please correct me someone if this is mistaken. :slightly_smiling_face:

Slash Attack = Normal Attack… on every turn enemy have countdown number, so if countdown is 1 (sword ready to fire the slash attack).

This is slash attack, Gravemaker ready to attack with slash his turn, the number is 1 and sword icon is burning.

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