Question about constume event?

First up all I really appreciate the art workers and designers and people who contribute this , what a awesome design , hats off

I need to clarify one point , usually heroes constume colour highlight it section whether dark or fire or etc but saratana is belongs to dark but it constumes represent appearance like fire ( red ) , is any reason for this ?


Sartana still remains a dark hero with her costume, just FYI. :slight_smile:
In beta her costume artwork looked dark-like. I wouldn’t call it a miss-design actually. :slight_smile:


Yay, Zelda Kadilen! :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


If I remember correctly Tyrum’s costume is kinda red based and he is a dark hero.


How about Karil, an Ice hero, inflicting Burn?

I don’t have his costume so I don’t know

TS, you do not need to worry about the color of the characters ’ costumes, because initially everyone knows that no one costume can change: a) the hero element, b) the speed of the hero’s mana set.)))

Ever have an ice burn? It hurts a lot.

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@Twist Yup, cause they went with a Roman theme on him. Which is pretty damn cool imo. And I personally am loving Sartana’s costume in terms of the aesthetics. Really makes her look more like an empress of the dark.


My suggestion is to along with the constume update and they renamed the special skill but keeping same image ( eg: Richard is hammer but C. Richard is axe but image shows hammer ) , probably dev will change the special skill screen to constume and special skill effect atleast to constume as S1 special skill starting almost same

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Realistically, that was how it went for a lot of the characters they had introduced. However, with the introduction of Season 3, I think it’s fair to say, to some degree, the heroes aren’t always going to color-match. Plus, I think it’s fair to see them slightly break away from same-old, same-old. I think Sartana looks nice. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to suggest that the costume ideas they’re going for are inspired by aspects of pop culture, the biggest examples being that Kadilen and Elkanen’s costumes are obviously Zelda and Link (I’m assuming he’s supposed to be link. Idk any other characters from that franchise outside them and they obviously aren’t the big green dude I see bara art of every once in a while.)

I wouldn’t mind, too, if the costumes were subtle nodes of lore too, like how Brienne’s costume names Concordia, a province in Season 2.


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I kinda do hope so. I have to laugh at seeing costumes like Richard’s still using the harmer icon. I do hope they keep some of the same coloring, just adjust the weapon from hammer to axe. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Gunnar’s Steel Link use more grey to show weakness over strength, would be a neat change. And Elena’s swords change to daggers.

Honestly, this could be a pretty good opportunity for me to dabble into some art before the month’s over!

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