Question about classes/talents- Do classes and nodes show up on defense teams?

I haven’t seen this addressed in any of the threads I’ve read about the new class/talent system, although as most of those threads have gotten rather long rather quickly it is entirely possible that I just missed it:

When viewing prospective raid or war match-ups is there any indication on the hero thumbnails to indicate if a hero has additional class talents and if so, how many and which ones?

In totally unrelated news…
Finally pulled a 4* from my TC13… (cut to Sir Robin’s entourage: “Yay…” )
Now maybe after a few years the god of ascension material drops will see his way through to allow me to have enough fine gloves and sturdy shields to actually ascend him.

It appears so:

This is Gryphonknight’s team, with an upgraded Sigrunn far right.

Lmao just why… @Gryphonknight we love your information breakdowns, but this takes the cake!! Lmao


Gotta keep the waifu happy?

Why a 4* troop, do you think?

Lol guessin he expects a kick a** sigrunn

Or maybe Scarlett demanded that her twin sister get a little lovin’.

Because he’s a man of his word. Crazier than a monkey on speed for MAKING that promise, but a man of his word nonetheless. :laughing:

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