Question about chests

Could it change something if I fill a chest with monsters from low provinces or higher provinces?

Normal chests usually make no difference.
Elemental chests were told to give better rewards when you fill them on higher stages, but wasn’t confirmed. I filled them all in early stages, 50% early and 50% late, and 100% on strong provinces and te loot was always questionable. Very very rare to get 2 great items and tokens.
Best I had was 50% each, one tonic, one epic token and one troop token.

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It changes only the time you need to complete it, lol.


Hola, quiero saber por qué nunca me salen cofres especiales, veo queodos hacen y preguntan de cofres aagrados, rojos etc pero a mí nunca me salen

sorry, english, please?

Translated by Google:
Hello, I want to know why I never get special chests, I see how many do and ask for chests, red, etc but I never get

Keep opening regular chests. An elemental or special chest appears on an approximate average of 1 time in 30 chests, but there is a random component, so some people get lucky and others don’t.
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Translated by Google:
Sigue abriendo cofres regulares. Un cofre elemental o especial aparece en un promedio aproximado de 1 vez en 30 cofres, pero hay un componente aleatorio, por lo que algunas personas tienen suerte y otras no.
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