Question about alliances

In an alliance that has too many inactive and seldom active members would like to get into an alliance it has a quite a few active members but if I leave the alliance I’m in do I lose anyting


Your titan chest freezes for 12 hours, and you lose whatever was in the war chest as soon as you fight in a war for the new alliance.


I think you lose your participation level in war and as @mpolo said your titan chest freezes.

But it’s healthy and worth it to look for healthy waters. I jumped ship a couple of times early on with dead alliances.

If your TP > 3000ish feel free to join my alliance boats and hoses, an active and chatty alliance run by the friendly HapaGirl :slight_smile:

All the best otherwise

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Ben3…its worth the switch. In the long run you will recoup your chest losses. Rising Stars is a keeper. All participate, communicate, and share loot.

Being stuck in a low-activity alliance is not good. A good alliance is a fun social community and a reliable source of good advice and (through high-level titans and wars) good loot. Try to find one where you’re currently in the bottom half so you have room to grow.

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If you already have an alliance or two in mind you think you’ll be accepted into where everyone is active, its worth switching. The titan chest freeze isnt a big deal.

Positive social climate in highly active alliances can actually keep the game very fresh and fun, so to some people it can actually be worth losing war chest progress as well. In my previous alliance I did decide to wait until after opening the war chest to leave though, since the new alliance I was looking at had 2 open slots instead of just one that could be snatched up before I realized

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