Question About Alliance Wars

If the leader of an alliance suddenly goes missing in action while still “participating in wars” and can’t be removed from the alliance… What happens?

Will that person indefinitely be on the battlefield or is there some sort of time out period in which they’ll be automatically removed from the battlefield?

Doesn’t matter if it’s the leader or some member you could kick at least for this war.

After the matchmaking all teams you can see on the battlefield will stay on it. Doesn’t matter if the player leaves the alliance or you remove him.

You will probably have 6 attacks less. This war.

If he doesn’t come back online to remove himself from the battlefield you will have 3 wars with the dead leader on the field. After that he will get removed automatically.

But I wouldn’t recommend staying in an alliance with a dead leader, just take everyone still playing after the war and either merge with an already existing alliance or found your own new one.


Thank you for that answer.

I was going to be pedantic and say they will be opted out after 2 no shows and then re-read it and realised they disappeared mid war? Maybe real life happened; it’s been known to before now. Just sorry that OP has to take the hits.

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

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