Question about Alliance Wars 1.12 Update

I believe it is on record that matchmaking is based on the top 30 heroes per player in each alliance. Any word on where that point spread allowance is at?

Matches made +/-1,000 pts? +/-5,000pts? 10,000?

I don’t think they ever said how many heroes deep they went… 10, 15, 20, 30…

Ok, I saw where he said top 30 heroes

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Based on the sampling of posts and the alliance war I find myself in now, I’m going to go out on a limb and say the allowance is too broad…

We are fighting an Alliance who is 10,000pts higher than we are.

But we are currently winning…

That’s excellent for your alliance! Congrats.

Although Titan Scores and Alliance Scores are now irrelevant to the matchmaking process, we’re facing off against an Alliance 15,000 pts higher than us and getting our butts handed to us at the midpoint by more than 750pts.

Their defense consists of:

  • 3600-4000: 2
  • 3400-3599: 18
  • 3200-3399: 6
  • 2800-3199: 2
  • <2000: 1

Our defense consists of:

  • 3600-4000: 1
  • 3400-3599: 12
  • 3200-3399: 5
  • 2800-3199: 8
  • 2200-2799: 2
  • <2000: 1

I can’t speak to the full depth of their attacking teams, but based on the shear number of single hit kills and the defense disparities, they are much, much stronger that us.

To be honest, I was seeing a lot of matches very similar to that before the Update …

So in essence… The update didn’t work very well…

I suspect the point difference that is allowed is too high.

I don’t understand very well the matching. But in our case the enemy alliance is much stronger than us…

Team power over 3300:
Enemy 17 teams vs us 10 teams

Team power between 3300 and 3000:
Enemy 7 teams vs us 9 teams

Team power below 3000:
Enemy 6 teams vs us 11 teams

So … we are losing the war… :frowning: