Question about all the non favorite 5* hero's

My question is not about 1 of them specifically but about all together. I believe I have all the 5*'s nobody likes. Elana, Thorne, quintus, elkanen, leonidas and azlar. I do also have master lepus but we’ll leave him out of this thread. So my question is what should I do with them? I have enough mats to level 1 red, 1 purple and soon 1 green ( just missing a tonic). Leonidas is already on 4th tier n climbing to 80! I forgot to mention I have one more 5* which is boss wolf at 3/70. Should I save the mats for quintus or continue with boss wolf (he is my only serious tank!). Azlar or elana? Lepus or Thorne? Elkanen well he has high defense n is my only green but still at 3/70. Unsure whether to up him to 4th or wait. So altogether how should I deal with these unloved 5*'s? I believe azlar would b a beast on defense but would like your thoughts! I love lepus but 20% penalty really hurts. What should I do n how should I line them up in defense against higher raid groups that love to target me?

I have faced quintus, leoniads and azlar often enough to say the aren’t horrible…quints buff has made him much more of a threat. Azlar has been tough for as long as I have been high enough level to face him often. Elana needs a bit of a buff imo opinion but also isnt horrible. Thorne is thorne… what can i say.

Azlar is good to great in every aspect of the game. Elana is a very good (and annoying) defensive tank. The more I use Leo the more I like him, for raid attacks and against Titans. I have not fully ascended Quintus myself, but I think he is underrated and can be quite nasty as a defender.

I have Elkanen but have not bothered to fully ascend her. She never scares me when I see her in a defence. Thorne doesn’t scare me either, but I have heard it convincingly argued that he is the best blue tank.

Your decisions will depend on what you want to focus on, I think. You can’t really go wrong with Elana or Azlar - I’d go for Azlar, but it’s a toss up. Take Leo to the top - but you already know that. I’d fully ascend Thorne, based on what other people tell me. I think I’d take Boss Wolf up instead of Quintus, but I don’t know the boss that well and you should perhaps get some more advice about purple.

And for green, I’d wait. I wouldn’t take Elk past 3/70.

Opinions may vary - don’t rely on mine alone.


Thank you for your advice. My thoughts so far would be double healer, a tank n 2 strikers. So kiril, leonidas, boss wolf, azlar and sabrina. Quintus I will level up and swap in n out to see which I prefer. I would rather keep as close to a rainbow set as possible. Adding elkanen would take away my double healer wo sont wanna go there. Boss wolf as center tank takes most of the hits so even his very slow mana will charge at a decent rate. And when his special goes off, his counter plus mana buff will help azlar slow mana generation. Leo is average mana so no real complaints there. Kirils buff offense n defense rlly will help all and Sabinas heal plus debuff all enemies is also helpful. For now I think that will be my set up.

I think that is a good plan for an attack team. Having a strong rainbow base is the most versatile option, and you can always replace a hero with one from your bench if you decide to stack, or get even more imaginative with substitutions when you face Titans.

I’m a bit less convinced by your plan on defence. Going rainbow is smart, but teams with two healers tend to lack firepower. Kiril’s special might mitigate that a bit, but I’d still be tempted to omit Sabrina entirely, in favour of someone punchier.

Experiment with it. I might be wrong.


Imo Kiril is more buffer than healer…and sabina’s remove buff is nice. If Kiril was tank I think a second healer would absolutely be needed, but this might be less needed in other positions,

I ran BT and second healer for a long time and did well. Neither in tank

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Sounds like my strategy.

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Thank you n yes I will b experimenting.

Um… isn’t Elkanen male? I thought so anyway… have we found the next gender controversy? :thinking:

To stay on topic, @FullMetal2 I have no direct experience with any of those, except to face them on the other side in raids and war, so my impression of them is based on that experience alone.

Out of the list, Elkanen is also the one that excites me the least. He’s usually not a lot more than a mere annoyance on the enemy side to me - relatively speaking, it is still a 5*.

Azlar and Quintus, I’m actually nervous to get hit by either of those, especially when I’m "naked’ without extra defense from Kiril or better yet Kadilen (ideally, both… then they hit like wet noodles). They may not individually kill off heroes from one hit, but the combined damage across the whole team is big, so when you add some hits from other heroes it starts adding up fast. And when you really get in trouble is if there is a hit from Isarnia followed by either of these guys, or any other strong all-hitter. But depending on their position and my own team, I can usually find a way to take them out, their Achilles heel obviously being the slow mana. If they’re in the tank position then I will almost certainly color stack against them.

Leonidas, I think he’s not bad, certainly one to look out for, but also not one to make you shake in your boots either. He steals a big chunk of mana. This, with the self-healing, can at times make him annoying. Damage isn’t stellar, but not trivial either.

Elena I have mixed feelings about. She can also dish out fair damage across the team, has really high attack points, and can be very annoying with her reflect ability. But on the other hand she has rather low defense, and that is especially painful in combination with slow mana, I think. She is the prettiest on this list though, so there’s that… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a lot to say about Thorne, he is maybe the simplest of all - strong defense and dishes out a decent punch, and that’s that.

As a final thought… sounds like you’re already doing this, but I would say you need to look beyond how “good” each individual hero is, and consider how well (or poorly) do they work with your other heroes, and what colors/abilities you already have or are missing etc.


I’d like to say though that I think slow heavy hitters do better in defence where they do not depend on tiles to fill up mana. In offence, if the board is either against you or just a bad streak of tiles all together your slow n very slow mana heros wont be of much use. On defense however, they mana up regardless. The more tile hit them the faster they mana up. Specials will go off for sure. Just saying but that’s my take on defense. I’d prefer average to fast mana heros for offense but only have 5* lepus. In 4* I do have hansel n grimm n proteus n tibertus etc…but that is not my goal. I am trying to get a full 5* roster going. Will have a different line up of mix heros 4* & 5* for other events like titans and events etc…

Thank you. I will b experimenting quit a bit. I am always looking for that perfect team synergy. Hoping I do the right mix n match!.

Oops - yes, my mistake. Getting my Elkanens and Kadilens mixed up. As always: I’m an idiot.

Comments regarding Elkanen still apply. Gendered pronouns do not.

Yep experimenting is always a good idea, and should be fun too. You can learn only so much from reading about heroes…

So I forgot Boss Wolf… he’s an interesting one. Have faced him a number of times, but you don’t see him that often - at least I don’t. I find it hard to imagine what he’s like to play with, and so not really sure what to make of him. Since his special doesn’t directly do damage, his effectiveness probably depends a lot on who’s next to him. Very much a defensive hero of course. Could be very effective with a high level mana troop, maybe?


Well they do have a pretty similar look about them, even though they are of different genders… easy mistake to make.

Now, now, that may be taking it a bit far… I find your ratio of useful and intelligent comments, to the odd mistake, is very much in your favor… :face_with_monocle:


Azlar is a well loved defense hero. I see him in a lot of top 100 teams even in the top 10 teams sometimes.

I have also seen Elena show up a notable amount in the bottom half of the top 100 global (but i see her more often in the USA top 100) but not as much as Azlar. She’s also good for titnas because of her tile damage.

I think either are worth leveling

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