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Hello everyone, I apologize for my english.There was some day, I read a post (which I can not find), who said that the IA struck from left to right.I noticed by me even as a general rule the AI ​​hit the weakest or the one who had the greatest amount of mana.But from left to right ???
Can a game specialist give me further information on the behavior of AI in raids or against titans. Thank you in advance for your answers.

The AI will fire charged special attacks left to right. But the target is randomised.

So when setting up your defence, consider the order in case several of your heroes are charged.

If Boldtusk is left of Scarlett, then his attack buff will fire first and her attack will be increased.

General or ‘slash’ attacks fire depending on the small number next to the enemy hero.

In this example, Panther and Alasie are both charged but Panther fires first because she is on the left.

Gravemaker and Greg will make a normal attack in 2 and 3 turns respectively.



Sorry to go off topic. But Jonah, is that really you? Returned to us from beyond the veil? Welcome back!

Back on topic, the misconception here is that the order is not about who they target, but who goes first of the charged heroes that the AI controls. They always start at left and proceed right. As for how targets are determined, apparently that’s random - except it seems sometimes that they target a charged hero first especially if they can kill it :confused:


I think we just notice this more, the AI makes really awful choices too!

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Love the reference, welcome back Jonah the White!

And I know it’s random who the AI targets, please allow me my irrational confirmation bias :stuck_out_tongue:

PS I really liked your leaving speech, should be compulsory reading for people who have kids and play this game. Hope you’ve found the balance you seek, in the mines of Moria

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thanks you jonah and infini for your response…

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