Quest 'Trials of Fortitude'

Dear Customer Support,

I just finished the Quest ‘Trials of Fortitude’ where it was written that I would get 2 types of emblem as a reward. I played only to get them, but aftet the game I’m not able to find them (I looked in general inventory) . In the attachment you can find screenshot with the award list. Can you pkease check what happened and why?

You will want to file an in game support ticket via options->support.

@Anaa This sounds a bit like this, actually:

It might be a bug, or it could be something account-specific. As @General_Confusion suggested, I’d recommend you #contact-support.

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible topic for merge)

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They also might want to try the old “turn off, wait, turn on phone/device”
And see if that sorts it. Otherwise, yes contact Game Support.

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