Quest number flag stuck on 1


Not really affecting anything, but annoying

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Same here. Started with the beginning of Avalon Event. I’ve played at least two levels for each of the three categories and it went away once (after completing Legendary 1), only to come back again.


Same for me - last couple of days.

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20 blahblahblah’s

Yup. Tis annoying. So is 20 characters

Same here. Just a visual glitch, but irritating

Nice to see many obsessive people like me :rofl:

Same here.

Something I noticed that would not have found ordinarily…I have been playing E&P between two phones for over a year now. Both have this current quest flag issue, but I got new phone today and when I connected into the game with it, no bad quest flag.

So I’m thinking a local cache issue, since obviously the new phone had no previous cache data

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I think it’s because the challenge event can be replayed. Since it’s not "completed: the game thinks you have anopen quest.

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