Quest mini-chest numbers don't match?

In most Quests, I understand the little battle chest numbers are off by one because the extra number is for the extra pile of food or xp or iron. But where does the extra number go when it is battle items? Lil’ Chest says 13 at end of match, but you get 9 Recruits* and 3 Arrows.
I DEMAND AN EPIC HERO TOKEN AS COMPENSATION!..I kid, I kid, I don’t demand anything. Just odd is all.

*Edited: had Troops were I meant Recruits

The campaign/farming chests do not reflect any troop dropped. Do not recall quest, though.

If there was one I liked, I would spend the wep. When a good one comes along, I woll get back to you.

I think the extra ‘drop’ was determined to be experience or something. I forget to be honest.

My bad, @Bud. I meant Recruits, not Troops. I edited original. Thanks!

Yeah there is the +1 for some reason. Been there pretty much for ever. The usual theory is that the quest reward (exp/ham/whatever) causes it. But in the end only the devs know the reason or if it’s a bug.