Quest Green frame meaning

Hi guys,
Does anyone know the meaning of a green frame on a quest?
Tnx :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s when there’s at least a certain amount of time left?

My Gain Experience Quest doesn’t seem to be green now.

Is yours still?

I have them too :thinking: :laughing:

Yeap, it remains green till the very end.

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Hmm, but your Gems Quest is green too, and @LatiyFundiy‘s isn’t. :thinking:

To make it even more confusing , here is the screenshot from my iPad ( I play on IOS). :laughing:


Dumb question…anyone of you checked if it is related to your WE? Cannot see if e.g. the quests missing green frame are partially played already and your WE is not enough to go further?


As far as I know, it’s either green from the beginning, or not.
Now I have 26 WE and none of my quests are green.
One is completed, the other two have open stages.

But I’ll keep looking on WE, it’s a very good idea anyway =)

Is it on quests where you have used WE (I.e., completed a stage of the quest)?

Just shooting in the dark here…I’ve never seen that before…

EDIT: I tested it on “Find Recruits” quest and it did not work. The mystery deepens!


OK, the mystery’s gone… along with the green frames themselves ))
Looks like developers saw this topic and disabled the frames (feature/bug?) in v29.


Shall I then close the thread?

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Yeap, I believe it can be closed.
Noone cares about that green frame anyway ))


closed at OP’s request. :slight_smile:

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