Quest counter wrong

I have this on both of my accounts:

The quest counter shows “2” (indicating 2 new quests), yesterday I had both available quests completed and no new misssion there, today I have one new…so the counter does not show the new ones anymore, but the total amount of quests, regardless if completed or not.


It’s similar to [SOLVED] Quest Notification Showing Up (No New Quest) but that is oooold and resolved :slight_smile:

Which device, operatingsystem, app version and build number are you using?

Samsung S10, Android, 27.0.0 Build 1230 & BlueStacks/Android, same version.

Hmm I didn’t have the issue on Samsung S9 under same version and build.

I’ve seen this happen when I use two devices.

It’s seemed to me that it doesn’t properly track which Quests are new when switching back and forth.

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Hmm…the difference is, that I have 2 accounts and don’t switch one account on 2 devices…

Maybe it was a temporary problem, it happened yesterday and the day before, but afterwards I haven’t seen this behaviour again.

I’m not sure I’m following.

You have two accounts and two devices, and only use one account on each device?

Yes, correct. My main acc is on my mobile and my alt is on my laptop, no switching in between.

I see, so it’s just that you saw this on two accounts/devices, not that they’re related at all.

Probably a hiccup of some sort then, since it doesn’t happen consistently, as you noted.


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