Quenell’s emblem route

Hi everyone. Can somebody tell me please what is the best emblem route for Quenell and what position to play in?


Sword and def. Left wing in a war D…left flank also ok.

I limit broke mine…she’s an offence beast…even more so if you can pair her with some fast DD & EDD

I went full attack. She’s a monster

Thank you very much guys for your reply’s, please could you tell me what you mean by DD and EDD. Cheers

Defense down and elemental defense down.

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DD= DEFENSE DOWN (isarnia, Marcel, c. Kiril…)

EDD= ELEMENTAL DEFENSE DOWN (Frida, Evelyn, Almur, costume marjana, g. Panther)…

Went full attack on my Quenell. She’s amazing.