Quenell or Balbar?

My green team is ver strong in offense. It consists of Evelyn, Bertila, Kingston,Cristobal and quenell. I also have liana but seldom use her. I have a second quenell and a new Balbar that need upgrading. Should I make a change? And for whom? Also Cristobal is at 85. Who should be next?

Balbar is below average while Quenell is top tier, I would max third Quenell before Balbar without hesitation.


Second Quenell :blush: Balbar is not worth to ascend.


Not even knowing your roster it’s Quenell


20 characters of Quenell

instead of a second Quenell, I’d wait until a new green pops up for you.

S5 is coming soon, might be worth to keep the tonics a bit longer…

Just Adding Poll.

Which green?

  • Second Quenell
  • Balbar
  • Wait Season 5 heroes or other hero

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The 180th Quenell before a single Balbar


Balbar is food for SE or HA10 and that’s it. Don’t even waste a single feeder on him unless SG gives him a buff later so that the target won’t be wake up when hit by off color tiles.


I would max 15th before Balbar

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If you are strictly asking who is the better hero, quenell is the choice without question. If you are looking for some variety and a different way of playing, go Balbar or wait to see who you get in season 5. I personally don’t like to level dupes, mats are hard to come by and I prefer different mechanics over duplicates. Which ever your choice, have fun!

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This is like asking someone if they want a punch in the gut or an ice cream :joy:

I’d ascend 5 Quennel before I ascended Balbar.

And I try to see the value in heroes but Balbar is a Jack of all trades and master of none. Quennel is an ice cold killer.

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I read the OP title and jumped in…

How is it even a question ?!

Quenell dupe is a lot useful than Balbar.

I will ascend 5 Qs & still hold the tonics from Balbar !

But, if no other option, then it would be Balbar… for game play.

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I would decide on 2nd Q after S5 pulls

I would max second Quenell


Thank you. I went for the second quenell. She is a killer. If there is a worthwhile dupe it is quenell

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