Quenell, Cristobal or another option

Green is my strongest color, by far.

I already have maxxed:

Frigg + LB
C. Kadilen

What’s definitely missing is a little bit of punch, so from all of my possible options:

I would prefer to level Quenell or Cristobal (both will, of course, been leveled by time).

Bevor the buff of Cristobal I was pretty sure to go with Quenell first, but I am not sure anymore.

So I would be thankful for your opinions.

I just finshed LB my Quenell, and I now have both Eve and Quenell LB in green. These 2 paired on offense are game-over, lol. My vote is Quenell, but I do not have Cristobal.


I have both, levelled and emblemed. I use Cristobal in war, so twice a week. I use Quenell at least a dozen times every day when raiding.
But you have to decide for yourself, what suits your team and playstyle better? Are you happy with a single hitter at 5-6 tiles or do you want a multihitter at 7-8? Cristobal’s 2x charge is great but it’s far from given in current meta where you need to be fast.


I’m also choosing between Quenell and Cristobal. I’m waiting to see more advice :slight_smile:
I should mention that I’m sorta leaning towards Cristobal because I have Milena and Motega too, and that family bonus is looking nice.

Lvl Quenell and then level another quenell.


Similar situation here, just pulled Milena today and have also Agrafena…

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I have both leveled. I leveled Cristobal first because I got him first. To be honest I have been underwhelmed by him. I do not have emblems for him, but it is really hard to maximize his special. His first charges too fast to get maximum effect, and his second takes too long that almost no one is still over 50% health.

I have Quenell +20 LB and she is great! I would recommend Quenell first unless you are actually going to use magic heroes together. I raid mono, so that does not apply to me (that and the fact I have no other magic 5s).

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Quenell, Heimdall / LoTL & then Christobal.

My LB Quenell is incredible. I’d go with her every time. In fact, I have three of her. One LB, one maxed, and another leveling.

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Quenell is more versatile and does huge damage. I would definitely go with her first, but people sleeping on Cristobal. I think the reason is everyone waits for his second charge, but really his first charge is usually the best option. He’s a finisher and he’s very effective at that role.


Quenell by a mile!!! And then some

Me too!!! Evelyn and Quenell are out right outstanding together! :love_you_gesture:

Best comment by far!

I just got cristobal and I’m not sure how to feel. I’ll be pulling super hard from clash of knights and I have two other greens at 3/70. So he’s not a huge priority. But if I get Quennel, he’s sitting on the bench indefinitely. She’s a monster.

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Long time no see. Hope you are still playing the game anand are doing well. Juat got Quenell from Soul Exchange.


Hey what’s up?! Congrats, I took her as well. I have Liu BeI at 3/70 and it’s a close call. I need two more tonics so I have a bit of time to decide. But fast speed and I have Ludwig and Wolfgang, makes sense.


Cristobal is great, but you have to wait for his greatness. Quenell is great and gets greater over time. Unfortunately for my Cristobal, he got sent to the bench. He does make a raid appearance at times, but he’s now 2nd string.

…I’m still on the fence about taking Quenell in SE (over Asterius and Zeline)

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@rebelsouljah If you’re on the fence about asterius and quenell, I have asterius and I can say without a doubt one of my best and most used heroes still. I just got quenell so I can’t speak on her yet. But I do have all the other wolves and asterius already maxed so it made sense to take her. It’s a tough choice but the burn and and increasing defense down is gross. Also, you can stack asterius defense down with a regular defense down because it’s a different icon. The defense down is attached to the burn so it will stack. So I’d choose asterius personally. Good luck!



Asterius would pair well with my newly acquired Dark Lord (from the Challenge Fest). As for the Fire team, he would join cMarjana, Saoirse, cBK, cGm, and Hypnos.
Quenell makes a crap load of sense to pair with my Wolfgang, and she joins Fogg, Frigg, cYunan, Vainamoenen, and Cristobal

I’m intrigued with both, but it may lean on the idea that I may not even care about summoning from the Villains portal, so I may never make an attempt to get Asterius. With CoK, I still may make swings at it to get Ludwig.


@rebelsouljah Well villains have been lumped into challenge festival 2. So do you have everyone from that portal or do you just not see yourself pulling from there for other reasons? I do feel that way about CoK I have 2 Ludwig’s and 2 Wolfgang’s so I don’t see myself pulling from there unless they add someone new. That swayed my decision a lot as well.

wait a minute… Villains won’t have their own portal now? They’ll all be lumped into Challenge Fest 2? If that’s the case, it probably wouldn’t affect my decision much because if all the “new” challenge heroes will be lumped into one portal, chances would be even slimmer to obtain Asterius.