🏰 Quenell – 5* Nature / Green from Clash of Knights

Does the power increase stay until used or dispelled? Or does it hit max and reset on next turn?

It increases every turn and will reset when used. It can still be dispelled unless another wolf in on the same team


Quenell seems broken. Why does her special reset to 40+ power after the 5th turn? It seems like the power increase cycles up by 5 turns and reset at 6 turns.

Her skill only resets if you use her.
Unless it stays at +200% extra power


OK, those of you that have LB Quenell, any regrets? She would be my 1st LB 5*. Other options are Telly, Fogg, Toxicandra (or CMNorth/CAlby both at 1/1)

Out of your possible candidates I would strongly recommend Quenell!

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I love her. All attack path and limit broken. She does so much damage and helps hold cups.

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Managed to pull Quenell…. So the question is, Limit Break her or Guan Yu?

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Got Quennel on the 1st 10 summon and 2nd in on that. Yes the portal is hot!

No…no it isn’t :joy: I got zip all from the next 4 10 summons but I’d been saving Gems specially so not thrown the wallet at this today…but as always remember these 5* are hens teeth rare and just because you get an early pay out doesn’t mean a single thing. Likewise not getting anything doesn’t mean it’s about to pay out.

So play responsibly kids. Keep in budgets, whatever that may be


Is this hero OP. 320% damage to 3 fast!! How does that even correlate to slow heroes like Quintus and Horghall? I understand hero power increasing over time, but this is absurd


Just picked her up, LB her she comes :blush::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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So question for those that have been using Quenell for awhile. I got her last SE and she’s leveling up. Partnering her with Luwdwig & Wolfgang because it’s too evil not to do so.

Question is, assuming all troops possible at level 30, including the new hybrid one that hasn’t hit live yet, which is best for her?

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She doesn’t really need the mana boost being fast so I’d recommend ninja troops to go with her ranger talent giving a possible bypass boost to 40% & bigger attack stat. That’s what I’m going to be using when she’s finished along with Wolf & Lud too !!! Nothing more satisfying seeing Wolfies or Queenies buff undispellable !!!


Thanks, was thinking similiar but wasn’t sure on the more specials faster or more atk and bypass as to best route, or balance of the two. But 40% to bypass def+ on taunt heros or counter atk, etc is pretty nasty as well with how hard she hits. I may just stick her next to Ludwig instead and let her just pop off instead of Goseck or Cobalt.

That’s my plan soon as she’s ready. Sitting next to Ludwig in 1x arm with Khufu on the other arm !! Do u take out Lud 1st, Khufu or Quenell ?? If I throw Sobek in there it makes the de idiom even harder !!! Just got Viv’s new costume too so all good !!

The answer is to always take out Khufu first. You’re dead if you don’t.

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You don’t want Quenell sitting next to Ludwig as she is far more powerful if you leave a few turns between firing if you want it to hit at it’s hardest.
And yes, You kill Khufu first, then Quenell. Ludwig is a puppy without anyone next to him.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


Just wondering which set up would you go with? Thinking Furdinand but then i wont get the 50% undispellable wolf family bonus. Idk just trying to decide.