🏰 Quenell – 5* Nature / Green from Clash of Knights

Extremely useful to know. Thanks a lot. 520% you say? Ooh…

god ludwig and her on 15 pulls, happy about that :slight_smile:
Just to get materials now :smiley:


Nice, congrats! Hope I don’t meet you in the arena :wink:

15 pulls to get 2 five stars?

Please share the activity log of this. I could use it for encouragement.

I haven’t gotten a 5* event hero in nearly 250 pulls.

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Are you sure this is an encouragement? Seems to me like poison

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Sure here it is - for a non spend movement :slight_smile: :
10x pull ludwin
Then 4x more for 5* quenell, hence I try 3 more times single pulls then I give up

I did not have enough gems for 10 pull so I had to buy haloween deal lol…that sucked … but at least it was rewarded.


What’s not to like about Quenell, she’s awesome. I wrote a full review on my blog. Thank you.


I read your review and I think you misunderstand her special a little. Her special skill damage doesn’t increase per special activation, but by 40% per turn after activation, until she casts again.


You’re right, I have got it confused. Still am. It says “The caster gets additional +40% power for the next Special Skill they cast.” I don’t have her to check, but thank you for letting me know!

Yep, just pulled her this-morning. OMG, paired with Evelyn, 3 defensive heros vanish after 7 green tiles.


I got two 5* from three pulls. Of course though, they were Azlar and Elkanen :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Ok, I got it now… Thanks again.

I just feel with this new update All hit 3, reflect 3, give mínions to 3. Where Nerfd. So sif, lady of the lake, Drake, and this new one just release are nerfed

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@dhenning It’s all about luck, I got both in two 3 pulls offers, and earlier today I got Ludwig in another 3 pull offer; I have to say, this has never happened to me before; but I feel it’s deserved payout over the 100 pulls I did on the circus event and got absolutely nothing! At this point I feel it’s great time to exit the paid pulls, have far too many heroes to level, it will take me couple of years, pointless to add more to the pile.Moving forward will invest solely on emblems from the ballloon’s gold chest and the Lab at level 10 :slight_smile:

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Okay just got her and she’s broken af. But I still don’t know if cristobal is more broken than her or not

That encouragement was my lucky :four_leaf_clover:

On my 253rd pull over the last 2 months (most I’ll ever spend) I got Quenell!

I have to hold off on spending for pulls until Xmas (would have had to regardless) but now I’m ok with that.

I will say one thing about Cristobal - so far he’s been easy for me to beat and I feel like Quenell shouldn’t have the AI issues he has (typically fires after the first charge without impacting the match).

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The one drawback is that her buff can get dispelled if she’s alone


How is Quenell broken? I’m curious.

She can just charge every turn after she fires her skill. The first buff that doesn’t wear off without dispel. So she can just keep her buff until the max charge. Definitely hits harder than Cristobal but Cristobal can AOE better than quenell

Broken due to her minimum damage done and maximum damage cap, her affected target and special speed I guess. On top of the chance of not being allowed to dispel her.

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