Queen's card still stays when dead

Card still stayed even when she died.

Thankfully the card’s health didn’t stay forever

I have the same issue. Made me un able to kill the queen and get the first chest I have seen all day

My cards health never went away

Minion bug. Been seeing it with delilah and seshat in raids too. Been going on for awhile, think devs said they already fixed the issue but they didn’t. Unless it’s in v25 and i missed it in the notes

I just saw this in the V25 release announcement:

  • Fixed a bug where defeated minions were still showing in UI.
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I knew i should have read the notes before posting… Thanks

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The minion was dead. As far as I’ve seen this is only a visual glitch, so had you actually killed Queen it would have ended. I’ve seen this frequently with Seshat too.

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@Rigs to be fair I wasn’t even aware of the V25 release until you mentioned it :laughing: so thanks back at ya

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She took no damage from anything I was hitting her with because of that card.

I’ve had it happen in the Raid Tournament verse a Seshat. The minion icon stuck around but didn’t do anything for me…

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