Queen of hearts special skill and noor elemental link stack

I guy, one question :the +74% of defense aganist special skill of queen of heart and +30% of defense aganist special skill by elemental link of noor, get stack or not, if yes, the comulative % of Defence is…??

Even though one is an elemental link I am 99% certain that they don’t stack because they are both defense up vs specials

they’ll stack. same way drake, gm, aeron, etc have elemental links that include increases of attack & defense still stack with special skill buffs or banner buffs that increase attack and defense

unless SG has changed something…

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They do stack; it is multiplicative.

So the maths is:

Total = 1 - [ (1 - 0.74) * (1 - 0.30) ] = 81.8% defence against special skills


Well there you go I stand corrected. Learn something new every day. Sometimes even useful

Tanks of lot for this answare

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Yeah, elemental link is considered it’s own entity of sorts. It doesn’t get over-ridden by any other status effects (buff or ailment) except itself.

I.e. the only way to override Noor’s elemental link is by firing Noor again. Otherwise only “remove” heroes can wipe it out (Gazelle & Chameleon). That and the War Equalizer rule.

Not at all convoluted.

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And double defense aganist enemies special skil get Stack whit normal shield up like kiril or magni???

I’m not entirely sure what you’re meaning but I assume the question is if the Defence against Special Skills buff will stack with normal Defence buff?

In which case, the answer is yes. They do stack. Also multiplicatively.

Queen is very useful when you attack but incredibly useless for defence

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