Queen of Hearts (QoH): Special broken or by design? Or is it just as a boss that's affected? [SOLVED - BY DESIGN]

Thanks, that’s helpful!

No it said something like minions summoned or something similar.
Will try to screen it when I get the chance.


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Thanks! That’s what I thought you meant — those are the hp stats for each minion.


Yes off course it is this easy :joy:

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It could certainly be labeled clearer…

Is this new taunt mechanic meant to sheild the allies for none targeting special.

Have been told to put in here from sg. They could not help me on my question.

I think you’re asking about this same thing as this thread — how the Queen of Hearts Taunt works with targeting allies, is that right?

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they ask me to put in Player guide

There isn’t an existing post about this in #player-guides, unfortunately, because the Queen of Hearts is so new. But I’m trying to figure out exactly what your question is to answer it.

Can you clarify a bit more what you’re asking?

I just wanted some to tell my why the taunt has effect on none targeting things. When taunting is only forcing you to atk the taunter. Alle none targeting things should be able to hit the targets, thats is not the taunter. Like nearby hits its none target and all hit skill is a none target effect.

Ok, I think you’re asking the same sort of question as above in this thread, then:

Which was then answered:

Have seen those but the effect, the debuff, is a none rangering thing. You can only target the 1 you want to use your skill on.

Like sonya she target 1 enemy but the effect is none targeting. Hu blind, and nearby effects is also none targeting.

A single hit effect is a targeting effect.

Right, while Queen of Hearts has a Playing Card Minion giving her Taunt, no other enemies can be targeted, and specials that normally would have effects on the nearby enemies or all enemies only affect the Queen of Hearts.

The example of Hu Tao was given above. He can only blind the Queen of Hearts. He’ll have no effect on other enemies while she has a Playing Card Minion.

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But its just not cleaning from the card text. And taunt in general is not effecting the random hits. Thanks for you replys @zephyr1

I agree, it’s not immediately clear from the card that it works that way. That’s what prompted this particular thread, trying to figure out how it worked with heroes like Hu Tao that don’t specifically target an enemy.

Glad this helped. :slight_smile:

Moderator’s Note

I’ve added a post in #player-guides synopsizing our findings about how Taunt works with AoE and “nearby enemy” special skills:


Do you know how Wu Kong and Tarlak’s buff work on Queen’s allies when the Taunt is on?

Would normal attacks that hit them still get the buff (185% for Wu and 100% for Tarlak) from those?

Thanks a bunch.

I’m not sure if I’m understanding your question, so let me rephrase what I think you’re asking to see if I’ve got it right.

If I have Tarlak or Wu Kong on my team and their attack buffs are active, and I’m facing a team with a Queen of Hearts who has a Playing Card Minion and Taunt — then when I hit the Queen’s allies with tiles, will my attack buff still apply?

Is that what you’re asking?

If so, then yes. Buffs to your own heroes — whether from special skills, banners, or troop bonuses – would still apply.


Yes that is my question. Thanks for your clarification, but doesn’t it conflict what is said on the Queen card that ‘Taunt prevents the enemies from using their special skills on minion owner’s allies’? That’s why I’m a bit confused.

I heard many said that Kadilen’s special prevents Wu Kong’s buffs, so should the Queen’s special do the same?

Glad that’s the right question to be answering!

Taunt doesn’t prevent your special skills from affecting your own heroes, just the Queen’s allies. And your heroes can still use regular attacks against her allies, including their buffs — whatever their source.

I can understand how you read it the way you did, and the description isn’t super clear in general, which is what prompted this thread’s discussion, and the summary guide about allies not directly targeted: [GUIDE] How does the Queen of Hearts’ Taunt work with AoE specials, or specials affecting nearby enemies in addition to the target?

I’m not sure where you’ve heard this, but I don’t think it’s accurate.

This arrives at the same conclusion, that Kadilen’s defense against special skills doesn’t affect damage from buffed heroes: Kadilen vs Wu-Kong

Kadilen gives defense against special skills, just like Queen of Hearts does. But that’s for damage directly from special skills, not from buffs that happen to have been created via special skills.

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