Queen of Hearts (QoH): Special broken or by design? Or is it just as a boss that's affected? [SOLVED - BY DESIGN]

I managed to pull QoH and was excited when I read her special ability, most notably “The Playing Card Minion gives it’s owner Taunt. Taunt prevents the enemies from using their special skills on minion owner’s allies”. But when I faced off against her in the Wonderland event as a stage boss, I noticed something strange.

QoH had a minion, so I fired Hu Tao’s special in an effort to kill it. I noticed that targeting was disabled (tapping on her brings up a TAUNT message on screen), but Hu Tao’s is a “hit all” special. The attack only weakened the minion, the TAUNT message appeared on screen again, but QoH was struck with blind… what!? Maybe it was a fluke, maybe she was already blinded and didn’t notice, so I went in a second time to experiment.

Sure enough, after letting her fire her special and summoning a minion, status effects completely bypassed the Taunt shield. What’s worse is it had no effect whatsoever on Proteus’s special, I just couldn’t select a target. Maybe I read the description wrong, or maybe my idea of stopping an ally from firing a special worked differently in my imagination (kind of like how mute works, tapping the hero does nothing), but it has greatly reduced my excitement of pulling her. At least she’ll make a good tank with high defense and HP, and I can no longer say I don’t have a 5* fire hero.

My understanding — and experience in the Challenge Event — was that only the Queen could be targeted and affected by specials. Basically she’s a black hole for everything.

I noticed that when I used Wilbur, for instance, only she was affected with the defense debuff and spirit link. The monsters alongside her weren’t.

So I think that’s the way she’s supposed to work.

Does that match your experience, or did the allies get blinded too?

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All 3 bosses were affected by blindness, and in my test run all 3 were affected with blindness, def down, and I think only 2 were affected by Proteus’s attack, because I couldn’t choose which one was targeted.

I’ll try to grab some screen shots and post them here (it’ll take me a few minutes).

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Thanks! Make sure it’s while she has a minion, of course. You have to be sure not to kill it before the status effect fires. :slight_smile:

Wilbur was acting weird with her. Early in match, there was no way she fired as her mana was no where near full. Fired Wilbur first, his special did nothing. Again Wilbur was first and only special fired by either side

I will try to recreate later on with screen shots, unless thus is by design.

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My mistake, they must have had the status effect from the previous turn when I was able to fire again, and thought it was a new ailment. Here’s what I got for screen shots:


Clearly only QoH was affected by the status ailments and only the minion took damage. And after rereading the description I realized I did misread it. Thank you! (maybe she’d be better off in the corner…:smiling_imp:)


Thanks for checking on it! I’ll keep an eye out too while I continue playing…

I also noticed that. Sumitomo had no problem deflecting back at her and I think if I remember correctly it was his last shot that killed her

It’s apparently by design. The queen acts like a ligning rod. She attracts every enemy special to her. That’s why her special gives her high protection against special skills as well. But that brings another question: what about specials which affects multiple heroes? Will Proteus’ special affect the queen AND both heroes beside her?

No. All multi-hit specials and their effects get reduced to single target (affect only QoH) when her minion taunt is active. Pretty op if it works.


That’s what I observed — multi-target specials only hit and give status ailments to her. It’s like Aeron’s immunity to status ailments but for all allies, and killing the minion(s) eliminates it instead of it being tied to a specified duration.

Yep, I had the same thought. Come at me, Zeline! Go on, fire that special :wink:

But if you have a splash effect it should hit the other. Taunting is only for targeting a enemy. All the none targeting should be able to hit.

Sorry about that. Was respinding to wrong post.

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Does anybody know why there is a counter for how many cards have been summoned?
When you long press the queen you can sometimes see this under the explanation of what she does.

Is it showing her current minion stats? Normally a hero with minions will show each one’s health left and total in the bottom of that window.

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@zephyr1 One question regarding AoE’s

If i’m firing an AoE that hit’s all 5 heroes for 100 but Queenie has her special active.

Does Queenie just take 100 damage or does she take all 5 lots of 100?

My understanding is if I try a single target hit on another hero then Queenie will instead end up as the target for that hit but she still takes the whole hit.

Whereas with AoE’s it seems that instead of her becoming the target for all the damage from the special she in fact makes all the damage that would normally hit the other heroes simply disappear?

That’s a good question! I’m actually unclear on that too — but we can probably figure it out testing it on the event.

You could also ask in this thread in the meantime: Wonderland Heroes - Will they make your main team? What do you think of Cheshire Cat, Alice, Queen of Hearts QoH, The Hatter, Captain of Diamonds? How do they work? [MASTER]

Queen’s minion takes 1 hit from specials, regardless if they are single or multiple target specials. So the 100 damage to all would still only do 100 damage to her minion, and the remaining damage that would have been done to any other targets would disappear.

I observed this when I was taking screenshots for my post.


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