Queen of Hearts not working as expected against Jabberwock

While I’ve gotten over the fact that the AI always targets the QoH as it cannot do damage to others, making QoH less effective against snipers than ghosting, where the AI will, at least occasionally target the ghosted hero even though it cannot be damaged, I’ve seen Jabberwock somehow avoid my edge heroes.

Jabberwock special -

  • Deals 300% damage to the enemies on the edges of the enemy formation. If there is only one enemy alive, the damage is doubled.
  • The enemies on the edges of the enemy formation receive 234 Poison damage over 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

In multiple raids, I’ve had all of my heroes alive with QoH in the Flank position and Wilbur and Azlar on the edges. With QoH and Wilbur both being activated and the QoH minion at full strength, Jabberwock attacks and although all heroes are alive, it appears that Jabberwock is not only bypassing the edge heroes, but hitting QoH twice and leaving the poison damage which removes her minion in the next turn. The damage is spread across all heroes due to Wilbur’s affect, but it would seem that QoH taunt should keep all of my heroes unscathed and no poison over time on QoH.

Screen shot after the fact:

If I see this setup again, I’ll try to capture video or screen shots of the attack itself.

I confess I don’t have either hero. But, I’m confused by your confusion! You say, “it appears that Jabberwock is not only bypassing the edge heroes, but hitting QoH twice and leaving the poison damage which removes her minion in the next turn.”

Based on the skill definitions, Jabberwock would attack twice (Once for each edge), and due to QoH’s taunt effect, both attacks would hit her. Your other heroes would be unscathed except Wilbur is spreading out the damage. I’m not sure why you say QoH should not be poisoned. The taunt minion makes Jabberwock hit her, and Jabberwock poisons, so it would make sense to me that QoH would be poisoned.


Interesting take and that seems to be what’s happening, but Jabberwock’s special reads attacks the edge heroes, unless they are dead; not attacks the edge heroes unless they are dead, taunted or ghosted. If I target a taunted (or ghosted) hero with a snipper, the damage does not go to another hero, it’s a wasted attack. With QoH activated, I was expecting Jabberwock’s attack to be a wasted attack in this instance - i.e. taunted by the edge heroes, not passed off to QoH.

This would be similar to if there is an attack on all heroes, the only attack that has an effect is the one on QoH, the rest are wasted; not passed on to QoH.

It’s because of Wilbur, I have the same (Blessing) with BK that the dmg goes to all.

I understand why the damage is spread, I just didn’t think that QoH would receive the damage to spread as Jabberwock would be attacking Wilbur and Azlar, not the QoH, and he cannot due damage to them due to the taunt.

I see what you’re saying for sure. And you’re right, if you target a ghost hero, like Amoenna, you’d be able to fire a special at her, but it would miss. However, there is a big difference. If QoH’s taunt minion is alive, and you try to target another hero, you’ll see text pop up that I believe says, “Protected”. So you can’t target another hero even if you wanted to. That’s why Jabberwock would hit QoH twice.

Hopefully someone can come up with a better explanation than me of Jabberwock vs. an “attack all” hero like Quintus, because frankly, I don’t like mine. Ha!

The way I view Jabberwock vs. Quintus is, Jabberwock specifically states that he will hit 2 enemies, or one enemy twice. It seems that the game is kind of treating that as 2 “separate” attacks. A hero like Quintus who hits all would do 1 single attack to all 5 enemies. 4 of them are protected, while QoH gets hit with 1 single attack. Even a hero like Elkanen that hits “target and nearby”, would do so in 1 single attack. I think the main difference is, Jabberwork specifies a number of targets.

Edit - I hope something in that rambling makes sense!


Totally makes sense other than Jabberwock treating all the other heroes as being deceased. This is definitely not working as I expected, but given the mechanics of the game seems to be working as designed. They may need to revamp Jabberwock’s card to read something like the following for clarity:

  • Deals 300% damage to the enemies on the edges of the enemy formation. If there is only one enemy alive or untaunted, the damage is doubled.
  • The attacked enemies on the edges of the enemy formation receive 234 Poison damage over 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

It’s interesting for sure. I’ve seen video of Baldur against BK with his taunt activated and if Baldur’s random target at the end of turn wasn’t BK then nobody was hurt by his damage. So taunt is protecting against random target selection but not against hit-the-edges attack?

I’ll try to test it as I have mid-leveled Baldur - it might have changed or Baldur’s random hit vs. taunt is bugged too.

But I believe that until SGG steps in and confirm Jabber case it’s all only guesses.

The Baldur taunt interaction was fixed in this last update.

That is true for Ghosted hero. Taunting directs all hits towards the taunting hero. It doesn’t matter which hero you intended to hit, the hero with an active taunt will always be hit.

Wilbur shares damage, including Damage over time. So the poison damage on QoH will be shared while Wilbur is active. If his special expired during the poison duration Queen will receive the balance of the damage.

You are right, I tested Baldur and it works as expected, all hits go to to the taunted hero.

So I guess QH or any other taunting hero should redirect Jabbers hit on themselves as it’s matching all other type of damaging specials like Baldur’s random hitting.

Damage over time isn’t shared. That affects only the heroes with ailments. Here’s a picture with shared damage activated but no Taunt.

Jabberwock works exactly as the card says, think you are just misunderstanding how Taunt works. If it’s active a hero can only see that hero. So enraged by the Taunt so will ignore everything else.

Yes right, jabbers card says attacking only the edge heros. If edge heros alive and protected by taunt, then that attack should be complete mis. Then only card description makes sense???.
Edit:- QOH card says protecting the allies, it wont says taking their damage when allies are protected by taunt.

Edit - If wilbur would have been dead, then jabes attack pasing to QOH would hav made sense, coz QOH card setup is right before the edge.

Interesting debate, but purely theoretical… opinions are irelevant, thing is, that’s how things work, until SG decides to change them. So get used to it, the way it is. Next time, try to avoid this situation if it works against you or make the most of it, if it favors you. I remember, over two years back, I got into a debate regarding attacker being defeated even if all battlefield heroes defenders and attackers were dead ar the end of combat. It hapened to me quite often as I was attacking a lot using riposters like Cyprian and Boril, leading to this particular situation. I had to get used to it, because it did not ever change.

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Qoh is active everything hits her.
Jabberwok hits edges but being Qoh is active the damage goes to her.
Be the same if BK was active.

As @Shenjairo said, taunting hero is the only “visible” hero for attacking heroes. It means, that for Jabberwock, it is actualy the only remaining hero (thats why two hits) and also hero on the edge (thats why poison).
This is also the reason why aoe heroes hit just this one hero and why Alfrike hits taunting hero with all five cubes (and that HURTS :slight_smile:).

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I don’t think I’ve seen that one happen. That would be frustrating.

It really is. I’ve seen that (from the wrong side).

Its easy to explane becus Qoh here protect the hero’s with hear taunt miniun of still alive jabberwack will see QoH as one hero only so she get blasted with his 600% dammage ore 2times his 300% dammage.The same on titan he will always hit the titan 2 times becus he see it as only surviver ore only one hero in line up.

I use my QoH daily. It’s logical that she protects the edges from Jabberwock’s attack thanks to taunt minion. So she gets hurt from both normally left edge 300% and right edge 300% attacks what results in 600% damage on herself no matter what position is she on in your team.

You had Wilbur activated what means that despite QoH was the only targetted one, the damage from ss will still spread across all heroes thanks to the spirit link and while on taunt QoH isn’t protected against ailments like DoT, attack down, def down etc, but she protects all other allies against both status ailments which will be applied on herself and damage from the ss that she absorbs (if no spirit link is active). Jabber is I think only hitter in the game with his unique ability as he has 2 same, but specified atttacks against the heroes on the edge in his ss, that’s why if QoH is active, she has to block both of those attacks.
I hope what I’ve said makes at least a little sense :smiley:.

I’ve seen that happen once or twice to my QoH sacrifising herself from Alfrike’s special, what saved the raid.

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