Queen of hearts immune to all status ailments?

Hope everyone had a great wonderland event :slight_smile: i was lucky enough to pull the queen and after a few matches with her only at level 7 <---- i removed a level 700 tank and ran a map with her and she survived when some of my other 5 stars are instamelted and they have been leveled. my question was i noticed that when taunt was active it appears that she not only absorves the attack but doesnt suffer the ailments? just asking if im wrong cool but if im not DUDE…:sunglasses:

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I think this is a clear indication that’s not the case:

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dang well i got excited for a second had only used her on reg maps but hadnt looked thnx for the info

She isn’t immune herself, but she makes her teammates immune against damage and debuffs from aoe and splash


just trying fiddle around with her. she is finally the defention of the word TANK. very well made hero

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And if you put her next to Aeron, then the fact that Aeron only covers nearby doesnt matter as much.

This has been debated over here:

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i see what they are saying but i love building around a characters build till i can maximize it the way it was “intended” is that a fair word? if she is capped and you dont take her down you have an onslaught of pushiment coming at you so many different builds compliment her. i feel she is game changing but time will tell

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