Queen of Hearts doesn't protect

It happened to me twice today, Queen of hearts had active minion and taunt. Enemy Ursena casted AoE, Queen died and all heroes were damaged. Unfortunaty no screen of it.

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Ursena? She does double damage if the target has more than 50% health remaining. Could it be that the conditional part of her damage is done after the unconditional part?

If so, she might have first killed the Queen, and then (as they were now unprotected) damaged all others.

… not saying it’s supposed to, mind. But I could see that happening with Ursena in particular.

I was thinking if it’s some sort of first strike, truth is, Queen was in red and others were green, so it is possible that one part of spell killed the queen and the other hit the rest, but it should be explicitly said, that Ursena does the damage in two ways. Too bad I didn’t have more heroes below 50% of life.

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