Queen of Hearts - buff

Not much to say. She is the weakest taunter. Unprotected from minion stealing. Missing a significant special e.g. undispelable share of damage, etc.

Practically not used at all these days around.

200.000 votes for YES buff her. Stronger minion is definitely necessary… The other taunters (except Ludwig) are also not protected from dispells, so protecting against minion stealing is not necessary.
But HP of minion should be at least 30% instead of 16%.


Not just increase the stats. She needs some significant add on to her special. Something like “As long as the caster has a card minion, it is protected from stealing and destroying of minions”. Also “All allies share received damage for 4 turns.” After that the stats of the minion and QoH can stay as they are.


Grimble should not still… be so OP
Nerf Grimble and a costumed 4* by allowing QoH’s costume to give playing cards to her allies. Even if it is only her nearby allies.

I say costume because… be honest…
There will be no buffs!

Anywho… Think how exciting that will be!
Grimble kills 1 playing card. There are 2 left!

Then later, you can make a new event hero that summons shrubs to all allies so that you can nerf QoH’s costume, using the creep method.

Your welcome

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i agree
i think she needs more minion hp (at least 25%) and also 64% normal defense boost


My suggested buff is this:

Queen of Hearts
:new: Cleanse status aliments from all allies.
Deals 240% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
:up: Summons a Playing Card Minion with 20% HP and 30% attack inherited from the caster
The Playing Card Minion gives its owner Taunt. Taunt prevents the enemies from using their Special Skills on minion owner’s allies.
The caster gets 74% defense against Special Skills for 4 turns.


I’d still say that it won’t improve her usage. Just extra attack and higher stats of minion will not protect her from e. g. Gefjon, where she’d be stealing nice juicy fatty minions for herself.


QoH in the times where taunters can even get undispelable taunt, needs some protection. That would be e.g. “Caster is protected from stealing or destroying the minions for 4 rounds.” also very good would be second skill “All allies share received damage for 4 rounds”.

With such features the attacke wouldn’t need to bring just 1 hero (Gefjon or e.g. Captain of Diamonds), but also a combo hero (Zeline or e.g Caednon). Debuffer will debuf and then Gefjon steal. 2 steps is fair trade. Also both debuffer and thief/destroyer are fast while QoH is average. To me very fair play towards utterly unused QoH in nowadays Empire and Puzzles.

You just use Captain Diamonds VS queen of hearts, he will move on and kill all taunting cards OR if queen of hearts is with other minions he can still preform a full sweep.

Anyways I do think QoH could use a buff, if simply just making her minion a little beefier then her taunt will last longer.

Note all taunt heroes have counters. There is something called dispel that works on everyone but QoH. For her you need a minion killer, which are actually high value heroes considering all the more threatening minion teams that exist that you wouldn’t want to “waste” it on a team with QoH.

@Petri when will the buff for Queen of Hearts happen? This is soooo necessary. The 16% HP minions are a joke with today’s meta. And indeed - minion removal resistance would be very nice.

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Yeah, a beefier minion would be lush. Maybe a tiny stat boost… Okay, maybe not tiny. A significant stat boost. I still use her from time to time but she is very low down on my usable taunter list. I do like that a standard dispeller cannot remove the taunt and you will require a minion specialist like Grimble, Gefjon etc. I think she’s useful but could be better. Jabberwock got a costume, at least do the same for QoH

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

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She was my first red to get LB. Don’t regret it, but stripped her some time ago for Ludwig. Now gradually giving emblems again, because she has clear use. I try to combine her with Hulda or Arco to protect her minions with much beefier minions, but this is not always working or sufficient.

She should also keep her +74% def against SS as long as her card minion is active. Now, the def up is cleansable and stops anyway after a few turns. Then a normal hit is enough to blow away her minion.
Ludwig also has the def up during entire active phase of the taunt.

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Maybe it’s enough if she gives minions to all heroes and her taunt will not be canceled until all minions are defeated.

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