Queen Anne Nerf

Im so frustrated that Queen Anne lost her attack buff. I really didn’t notice while chasing her. I feel ripped off to he honest with you.

In her player guide, it still has her original card. Those updates should be shown like they nornally. with the red and green highligjts.

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16 out of 16 comments in the beta thread were about her being too strong. SG listens and we see it considered a bug.

Her main thread also includes comments about her actual release

SG didn’t say anything so the topic was created as it last existed in beta. Hence this in the OP

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Also see

There’s a reason why it says “Extremely likely to change” multiple times


Sorry, I had time to update Player Guide topics only today.


We appreciate your work @PlayForFun !!


Oh sorry if it came across that way. I know you have a life outside of everything you do for all of us on the forum. I appreciate everything you do and don’t expect everything done asap.
It was an attempt to point out that you posted what was known. OP is upset they thought something and turned out to be wrong. It wasn’t your fault.


HUh ? My comment said her passive was insane nothing about her being too strong 16/16?

My condolences friend but you should forgive yourself for not reading the card before spending money.

It’s not fun to feel a fool for entirely avoidable errors but we all make them occasionally.

I’m sure you will be objective about it and consider it a life lesson though. Always read the card and all that.


Yes read the card! My point is it felt like a bait and switch like W3K.

Buddy above saying Sg listened to us from beta lmao yes just like they listened for Anne,

You know its time to join me in retirement-land playing Clue(do)


she is still crazy strong. Plus I’m 100% sure she and all other will get buffs next time the event shows up like always, all them will probably get insane buffs and made OP just like s5 and others were.


yes it is my friend!

Queen Anne has a fatal weakness, not sure why she should be nerfed.
Btw, please don’t ask me her weakness and how to overcome, i won’t tell.

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