Quartz or khonshu

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Alright, I understand people might immediately jump to khonshu as they hit hard and very fast. However I have found plenty of value in quartz as a speedy cleanser. Quartz seems like a better option for my already hard hitting defense team of lewena, Odin, and cobalt(all maxed and LB. I would likely replace Alfrike with quartz as very slow mana is just too much of a drawback nowadays. I also use a maxed and LB Zuri which I feel could complement quartz on defense pretty nicely
Both currently sit at 3/70 and I’ve been saving my dark aethers for whoever I ascend next.
Though quartz seems right, I’m having a really hard time passing on Khonshu. Please help!

If you like Quartz and think Quartz will be fun, go Quartz. Quartz has value and extra value in ninja events. We don’t know if Khonsu won’t be nerfed at some point in the near future. Though I guess they could nerf Quartz too. Another option is to wait till the end of the month to see if there are nerfs or until you are more sure of which you want to ascend.


I have recently pulled Quartz too and he seems to work great - like CRigard on Steroids, and as tempting as it may be to level another 5 star healer. I think you should go with Khonshu just for pure fun and the following reasons.

He is the flagship hero for the first round of s5 (Everyone wants him)… me included
That 50% mana regen is BONKERS
and the best thing is…

he’s already been nerfed before his release from Beta so you know ur good… or u should be good… or something lol (still smarting a little from the proposed Kalo nerf and others) but i think ul b ok with Khonshu m8 ;?)

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Khonsu is the main hero i want from sv at this stage. (I do Want anubis dont know anything about him but its anubis. Or if they will even make him a hero, (they better.))

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If you have an ascended Onyx then Quartz is beyond amazing in attack team pairing. Quartz is seriously Rigard on steriods. Khonshu is the popular sniper. Personally not a fan of snipers but go with your roster values. Happy gaming!

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Thanks for all the responses. Ironically I just pulled my 2nd khonshu! I think I have settled on khonshu, but not for his pure sniper ability at very fast speed, but how often I have seen his -24 mana gen for all enemies come through at what seems like a better than 40% rate. Quartz will have to wait for now.

I’ll close the poll now!

Thanks again!

I already have quartz so when i pulled khonshu it was all go on khonshu. Quartz is really good fits into any stack nicely. With that said khonshu is so much fun especially paired with sergei or quartz. I was also lucky enough to pull a 2nd khonshu, I’m just waiting on tabbards. I’m not a sniper fan but with that being said he’s my favorite.

All players have a fixation on special skills that’s new and unique including myself. In this case it’s Khonshu +50% mana if his special kills the enemy (It was previously 100% in beta. Had that stood, it would be a no brainer)

My vote is for Quartz among them and let me tell you why.

There are plenty of heroes who has really unique skillet and looks really good on paper. Take Balbar for example. All the hoohaa disappear overnight as soon as he reached max level and put into raid. On paper he’s awesome but in raid, we’ll, you know what I mean. Balbar makes you feel like you’re bringing a manual air pump in case your spare in the trunk goes flat at the same.

Back to Khonshu. Now don’t get me wrong. His skill is really good and really helpful (unlike poor ol balbar) but think back all the countless raid that you have fought to get here. He VF speed likely means he will fire first among your lineup. That means his attack will be without buff and without debuff on the enemy. Is it likely he will kill the enemy and gain 50% mana? Hmmm, maybe not right? I’m neglecting tile dmg especially if you’ve gonna mono because that’s pure RNG. With an outrageous board you could win the battle without firing a single spell am I right? So what do you do then? Alright let’s hold on to the special and wait for my other heroes to charge up. This right here effectively means you won’t take advantage of his VF speed and he needs, to a certain extent, his slower teammate to fire first just so you could reap the rewards of 50% mana. But here lies his worth. After the first kill, you would only need 3 tiles (or 2 ghosted) to get him off again, at which point, victory is almost at hand. Sounds like Khonshu will make short work of 2 heroes in quick succession so why am I advocating for Quartz instead?
Reason is simple. Most of the time, winning an already won battle sooner would not make any difference. The impact of Khonshu would not make big enough difference weather you’re going to win or lose the battle. He speed it up and yes, in certain situations that can mean helping you win instead of losing but ask yourself, how many battles in your lifetime do you think that situation would occur? I’m not certain how many, but in my own opinion, it would be much less than if you compared to Quartz.

I don’t have Khonshu and if I do, I would LB him no question asked. But specifically for this author, I think quartz would serve him better


I appreciate the feedback. I definitely think quartz is next after khonshu and I really like the idea of pairing them together for the reason that quartz will get his first charge at the same time as Khonshu, giving him a +34% attack right away. I already find quartz extremely useful at just 3/70 because of how quickly he can give the whole team an attack boost or save for a quick cleanse. Luckily I am getting plenty of tabards these days (not as many trap tools though). Quartz just needs a couple more before he gets ascended.