Quartz Needs Improvement

Quartz is essentially designed as a 5* version of gen.1 Costume Rigard (I say gen.1 since surely a 2nd costume is on the way) yet Quartz is actually worse at an equal speed level.

At the equivalent Average speed of x2 Ninja, Quartz has a worse attack buff (44 vs 48) and worse healing per turn (over 3 turns 564 vs 609).

The benefit of quartz > rigard c. is the x1 speed to cleanse an ailment and provide a modest 34% buff, however this speed provides next to no healing. This results in x3 being the only speed that provides a somewhat noticeable difference between the 2 hero’s, but x3 is way to slow to go for and doesn’t make the tradeoff worthwhile.

Quartz is a very rare 5* hero and I believe because of this, he should be a significantly better version between the 2 heroes and similarly to jade, get a substantial buff to provide more value to owning/summoning the hero.

I would change Quartz to be as follows:
x1 Speed

  • All allies regen 400hp over 2 turns
  • All allies recieve 44%atk for 2 turns
  • Cleanses all allies
    x2 Speed
  • All allies regen for 700hp over 3 turns (undispellable)
  • All allies recieve 56%atk per turn for 3 turns (undispellabe)
  • Cleanses all allies
    x3 Speed
  • Cleanses all allies
  • All allies regen for 1000hp over 4 turns (undispellable)
  • All allies recieve 70%atk for 4 turns (undispellabe)

Let me know what you all think and hopefully we can see these changes by the next balance update. Thanks for reading.

Strongly Agree! I have had quartz on the bench for ages just for this reason! C Rigard fills the same gap better in wars and raids I can get better protection with him cause I can opt for a big heal and cleanse vs harder hitters or his HOT and cleanse vs DOT type teams.
Yes, quartz has better survivability due to his stats but that’s about it.

I like the changes you have proposed but in the meta today I’d probably opt for him to have a boosted health special even if they kept it as is but changed it to boosted health instead of a regular heal I’d take that! Either way I think you’re right Quartz is definitely due for a buffing :wink:


Yeah I’d prefer boosted health as well because of heroes like Rhys but I felt like it was too much of a buff to start with. If it were boosted, then I’d keep the totals the same which I think could also work. Although I think the undispellable feature is what makes him unique because its guaranteed once its activated which is really cool.

Thanks for the reply :grin:

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Hate to sound like a broken record but they’re right. A season 1 4* with a costume shouldn’t be better than a 5* who was released much later.


Got my vote, the only thing quartz has better is the quicker cleanse if needed and better survivability… but we are comparing to a 4*!!! Shouldnt be a comparison between quartz and c. Rigard… c. Rigard also out performs in rush (not multi charge) and equalizer (can opt for larger direct heal out of costume).


looking at the new roster of available ninjas, quartz is supremely underwhelming, even compared to jade (which still deserves a rework to her dodge).

i completely agree with him being essentially worse than rigard costume, the 6 tile cleanse is nice however every other aspect of the hero is just, meh. the rest of the ninjas are much better, and this hero could receive a lot of very deserved love.

seeing as new ninjas have just been released and they make him look like a 4*, i don’t see why he couldn’t be buffed.

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If you look closely, Quartz is actually rigard in disguise.

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Quartz at the least should be doing boosted health. In his current iteration he’s Rigard in 5* version. The equivalent of Hawkeye going by Ronin. He deserves better. Let him give boosted health and be the ninja healer he should be.