Quarterly Communications curated Q&A or annual AMA


Why not hire the moderators 4x a year to gather and curate the most relevant questions from the community to answer in a quarterly post. you can even reduce the workload by just posting clips of answers as videos instead of typing.

Spread out over 3 month cadence … it may be a feasible comm strategy,

And with trusted moderators curating the questions … both community and SGG benefits from cutting through the noise. So less flashier or controversial topics (alliance communications, community building, other QoL topics) can be addressed in a structured way… and with it being on the calendar you will build brand trust with consistency.

Or at the very least do a once a year AMA…
I don’t want the onus placed on mods like @zephyr1 who graciously put in time for prior AMAs… but some kind of calendared engagement w the community can go a LONG WAY.


Maybe… they will Surprise us with a reply !



If the mods are too busy w real life… just hire an agency to do this project. it’s not hard nor expensive.

If you need an agency recommendation … just holla.

I guess you can close this topic, I didn’t expect anyone to respond and unfortunately like every post from me to SGG… . No one from SGG responded.


I give up. Especially about QoL.

I appreciate your attempts to generate an AMA. I’m not sure I really see the value for them.
They probably know most of the questions that would come up and can proactively address those if they want to do so. The forum represents a small number of their total players and the ones that would positively engage in their Q&A is even smaller. I’d love to see it (as I did with the 2021 plan and the hero balance FAQ), but if I were them I wouldn’t do it.

Let’s pretend it worked LOL


My understanding is that the moderators have lobbied for more frequent AMAs with regularity. I would give quite a bit of credit to the moderators for the follow-up behind the scenes:

@Guvnor @littleKAF @Rook @Dudeious.Maximus
@JonahTheBard @Garanwyn @DaveCozy @Coppersky @zephyr1

Seeing as how they interact with community staff regularly, their support and regular follow-up is essential.


From my understanding.
All questions suggested in the new ama thread us Mods will have to read all submissions, then give our imput on what to address to the developmental team. They probably, I hope are reading that thread too.
I’ll give my honest opinion on what everyone puts there, also is some stuff I feel strongly about that it will benfit everyone.
Trust me.


I hope you put forward my ideas of putting bench heroes to use! Currently, most heroes sit on the bench and collect dust… while game keeps popping new heroes…

Such features supports their economic strategy which resolves from people pulling new heroes… well, we needs some varied ways to enroll our beloved heroes! :slight_smile:

I currently havent read the thread asyet.
As I gonna read it all in one go it be clearer for me, the ideas will be fresher in my head something may get lost that I forgot that someone posted.

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I understand there are many things needed to be taken into consideration and hopefully SG did this with intent to invest bigger care into the future updates

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You could use a negotiation tab between the alliance, for example a player from an alliance could donate ascension materials to another player in the same alliance! This of donating can be paid for with cash

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