Quarantinewhile looking to recruit! Open to a merger, as well. TP 3900-4100, midlevel players

Tired of alliances that are too lax? Feeling out of place in those that are just too hardcore? Or maybe just sick to death of guild chat being full of drama or political BS? Then come check out our brand new alliance, Quarantinewhile!


We are ready to begin recruiting and hope to find other players in our level and power range, so we can quickly return to smacking around 10* titans. We are primarily 39-48 level-wise, with our TP averaging 4k.

We need players who are active daily and do not waste Titan hits or War flags. You do not have to participate in chat but you will need to at least check the messages so you do not miss anything important; such as tank coordination for War.

We want to have fun but also be successful players. This means we will remove those who do not participate on a regular basis. Real life comes first but should not habitually be a problem.

Although we are US based, players from any countries are welcome to join us!


We are a close knit group of family members that are scattered across the southern US. Playing E&P is a fun way to stay connected for us! It has simply proven difficult to find a guild that we were well suited to that could also fit all five/six of us, so we finally created our own.

While we are quite literally family, we’re not what you would consider to be ‘family friendly’. There will be crude language and many a smartass joke and banter but I’d like to think we’re a lovable bunch. :wink:

If it sounds like we might be a good fit for you, please come and join us! It is Open at present, but will eventually be Invite Only as we fill up.

If you have questions first, or would like to discuss a merger, hit me up here or on LINE! My ID is BKMurmaider.

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