Quality of Life

Improving the stat page would be cool.

  • highest rank (both lists)
  • highest tp raid victory
  • max raid victory tp difference
  • war & used flag counter
  • war participation ratio
  • maxed heroes counter
  • strongest element (by power)
  • elemental chest counter
  • time being in actual raid arena
  • roster strength player lvl ratio
  • roster score

There could be many more.
I love statistics and it’s just a simple sql for each entry.

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@Olmor excellent suggestions. Stats are something that players can work to beat…after beating the Seasons and playing around in Platinum arena, trying to best the stats would be a great focal factor

With the amazing Halloween theme for our base area, how about allowing players to buy themes for our areas (with food and iron) or at least items to customize the base so that it’s more interesting


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