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Okay SG. You have a ton of people that love this game, and plenty of people that drop plenty of cash into it. We appreciate the big changes (Season 2, emblems, new buildings, etc). But, it is time for some basic QOL things to reward all of your loyal players. Wave counters, teammate online indicator, etc. I’m blanking on other great ideas that people have proposed which would make a noticable difference with minimal programming.

And please fix the Mystic Vision snafu.

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One more QOL, improve the auto-play intelligence. It consistently makes terrible decisions as to when to use the special attack and who to target with it.

And another small one…add best war score to personal stats.

There is no decision involved. As soon as the attack is charged it is used. Same with dragon and diamond gems. This is likely the same AI that runs defense in raids, do you want it smarter too?

I’ve personally never used AI during a raid because I learned early on the poor “decisions” (like Drake Fong targeting 2 enemies rather than 3 enemies) that get made.

I would like the option to upgrade the AI just as we grind to upgrade everything else.

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I would never consider AI in a raid. Where’s the fun in that?

I didn’t even know you could autoplay raids… but I never would anyway. Autoplay is ridiculously stupid.

  • “Oh, your sniper’s special skill is charged up? Let’s use it to take out that monster that’s at 2% health”
  • “Nice, you have a potential red tile stack underneath a green opponent. But I see you have a blue dragon tile on the opposite side of the board with no opponents above. Just let me detonate that first…”
  • “Oh cool, you have a special that hits the target and anyone next to them! Imma target the guy in the corner”




20 characters!

He means the AI that runs your enemies in a raid.

And no I wouldn’t vote for the auto play getting smarter. It’s dumb, and it should be. It’s for levels that you can beat with your eyes closed.

Also, I don’t think the MV thing was a snafu. It was a calculated decision.

Calculated to fail for what purpose?

And I just looked, there is no autoplay on raids

you have to buy intelligence tickets :money_mouth_face:

I’d also love highest war score added to profile stats…

Highest war score is such a highly variable value though. If you are in a 30-team strong alliance your highest possible can be just over 300. If you are in a solo alliance that can be 9000. It doesn’t mean anything.


A pause button for Titans. I can’t count the amount of times I was in the middle of a Titan hit only to get distracted and screw up the hit because I couldn’t pause it.

Simply give us a pause screen that covers the tiles to avoid planning and let us pause Titan hits.

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Pause button for Titan would have to be like a special…otherwise people would pause every second or two to review next tile move

And definitely add friend list with direct messages!!!

C’mon SG! Let’s see some QOL things!

Thats why I mentioned a pause screen that covers the tiles. If you can see them you can abuse them. The pause should black out the screen so it is just to be able to suickly do something urgent.

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