Quality of life ideas

There are 3 ideas that I’ve been thinking about for a bit, none that would seriously alter the game, just some nice tweaks:

  1. Use Alchemy Lab to convert gray summon tokens for Epic versions. I have over 900 of the gray ones and can’t see myself using many of those. It would be great to be able to convert them to Troop tokens and Epic Hero tokens
  2. After maxing the special skill on hero levelling, do a roll to give the chance for extra XP rather than the current nothing. This would likely be a 1* level boost, so not much, bit enough to at least watch
  3. When entering a level, instead of showing random materials,show the ones that that zone has an increased chance to drop

No necessarily “QoL” improvement, but please let me do a third action in the Hero Academy at the same time! 2 isn’t enough!

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Why? Even if you don’t need hero feeders, about a third of those will turn into troop feeders. That’s about 300 troops, not neglectable at all not even for a high spender. Troops are the hardest part of this game to level, I wouldn’t dismiss such opportunity…


Not to pick nits, but none of these are “quality of life” ideas - they’re feature requests.

QoL ideas involve things like improving in-game texts and showing which alliance members are online.

One QoL improvement I’d really like to see is allowing 180° rotation of the game on iOS, like is possible on Android, so I don’t have to worry about crimping (and destroying) my charging cable while playing. I’ve pretty much given up hope at this point, though.


1,000 regular (gray) summon tokens is equal to 1 epic troop token. How’s that?

They also count as summons for the Path of Valor.

But you can, just tap it all the way across the screen


For all its faults, Empires&Puzzles is an inclusive game. If that dragon flying over your base ■■■■■■ you off so much that you’re willing to risk carpal tunnel syndrome, you can shoot that rare creature right out of the sky, because dagnabbit, there’s no problem in this world that can’t be solved with enough firepower.

You may think you’re playing a sophisticated tile-matching, team-collecting, base-building game, but those dragons let you go full shooter - at least until your finger cramps up.


Of course they do, but for a p2w that’s less important, that quest is a piece of cake for them. Still, f2p or p2w, 300 troop feeders are a real boost to your team.

And will only cost about 50 million in ham to use… :wink:


My idea is showing stage levels while in battle. Example… a stage battle with boss on the 4th stage, show which level out of 4 are you fighting… 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 and boss 4/4.

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Hero roster,…thats what im waiting for, something like this https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/new-filters-for-hero-roster-and-leveling-heroes-with-sample-ui-design-mockups-beta-update-post-42/81141
…not the “thing” what we have now

Just give me the troops, I’ll get the ham!

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how about for a QoL change they redo the summon system… change the gems needed to summon heroes… when you spend hundreds and thousands of gems youd hope to get an event hero instead you get the same 3* hero youve had 50 times… thus wasting the gems… or summon coins… at least when I spend 100 of an event token give the player an actual event hero… its frustrating to get Dawa several times when trying to get an event hero… remove the basic any day heroes from events…

Ohh i know one, have the HA legend re rolls be 4 days long and have multiples rather than just 1 every 7 days :new_moon_with_face::new_moon_with_face:

How about (will never happen lols) have the alchemy lab have a chance to reward a costume when you reach the alkaheast limit

Have the 5* goblin chest always reward a 4* mat

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