Quality of Life - Ascension items

Hi everyone. I only recently discovered that cute little counter that shows how many of a loot item you have prior to the battle. Nice! But wouldn’t it be nice if you had that basically throughout the game? (E.g. when checking tournament loot, scrolling over a particular item, seeing you have 10 orbs of magic and only 1 hidden blade).

Also, while we are at it, could we colour code the ascension items to correspond with the colour hero they ascend? (Or have a text in the description -> Sturdy Shield: used to ascend nature 4* and 5*. Mystic Rings: Used to ascend green 5*…

Nope. That’s red 5*. But I bet I got at least 1-2 of you. I’m not saying this is in any way a priority, but I used to get hidden blades and trap tools confused a lot back in the day. If we can have higher farming chance, developers clearly aren’t against having “meta” elements. So we can have what it actually does instead of “lore” descriptions.

Yeah that’d be cool. I think I’ve finally got them all down to memory… but there have been a lotttt of Google checks for me in the past couple months haha.

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