Quality of farmed recruits

My question is about the recruits you farm. Does it get you more chances at obtaining better heroes in Tc’s? For example, farming recruits in S2, helps you get more 5* heroes in TC20, than those farmed in S1.

My thought is that this is not true, but theres a few players that say otherwise (not many).

Anyway, does it crossed anyone else’s mind?


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There is no correlation between recruit source and heroes generated.

Otherwise we’d see a huge glut of high level hero production during Atlantis Rises and nothing of the sort has ever been reported.

Rest assured, the recruits from good old 8:7 produce just as many Derrics and Aifes as every other level :blush:


It is just guessing, and not based on a lot of collective data.
It is like in my alliance, some of my member said that:

if we attack titan together at the same times, the board become not good…

Well, i can not answer this statement at all… a random is random.


But coincidence can become folk lore quite easily.

We search the random for a pattern because we like order over chaos.

I like the idea of some recruits being from nobility though :joy:


Interestingly I have wondered about this with monsters for filling monster chests before (to get elemental chests or better loot), but data shows absolutely zero connection between them. For example, I am ranked ~400,000 globally and have ~5000 recruits in TC11’s. Can you imagine the effort trying to keep track of where all of those recruits came from and their relative value when deciding how to generate lvl 5 heroes in TC20’s and how to work that into an RNG to make it fair / unfair x 400,000? I apparently have a talent for generating Elenas and Borils for example.

Okay, it is only two trillion or something but weighing the relative value of every recruit when you are burning 100 at a time makes no sense.

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Yeah, I had the idea that it would have some influence, due to some comments I picked up on the internet. Tryed to feed some recruits farmed in higher stages to TC20, and it came out that I had some better heroes. Coincidence… after all, random is stil random. Thanks on the insight

noble recruits seem like some kind of event feature that lets you guarentee a season 1 5* from TC20.

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Lol. Would be nice though

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