QOL - window to check on your past alliances

A simple one :

  • see how many members they have and names
  • option to writte them a message
  • see their alliance score
  • option to join if able

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What if alliance search was just better and included some option for being a former member? Then you can just check that box and you’ve got everything you want?

I’ve only been in two alliances so I just search the old one to remind myself how glad I am that I left.


I’ve been in four and I don’t like the idea at all.

The first one was “recommended” by the SG bot and was a total ■■■■ show, the second one were awesome folks who I feel deserve a better apology than the one I gave them when I quit (wonderful people btw). I actually don’t want to remember that entire episode as I would feel the need to revisit and explain. I feel really bad about it as they were prepared to carry me… The third, a complete waste of 7 months and now I am a crewman on “The Ghost Ship”. I’m kind of low to mid level there, but they are wonderful people.


I’m not sure about the option to send message etc. Sometimes people get kicked for good reason and don’t want them to be able to send messages over. Only being able to send messages if you are part of the alliance is a good thing. Otherwise could lead to trolling and harassment which is why there is no PM function.


Wow, you must really hate them. Sometimes I check my old guild out to see if there’s any changes.

Ofc, if you get kicked, you dont have same rights as you would have normally :wink:

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A simple list of former and still existing alliances on the alliance search page would solve this and would be easy to implement with a few lines of code, a single database column and some sql to list em up.

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I don’t particularly dislike them, but it’s not the alliance for me. I joined them just by randomly searching within the game. I was with them for about half a year and grew to a top five player in the alliance. Then one day we had a titan with <30K health left. Someone said they’d use a flag in fifteen minutes. Person never logged in. It was the straw so to speak as we won or lost wars based on using all of our flags. So I looked for a new alliance that was active.

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Seems bit stalker like to me…haha
Theres good break ups and bad ones id say the bad comes into favour more… Not everyone has good intentions.

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I don’t understand this post:

Points 1 & 3 are already possible, if the alliance still exists. Just type the name & check whatever you want.

Point 4 : to join if able. Go for it, as per their application / entry norms.

Point 2 : messaging…. Well, that is good / bad = can become a problem, as many would use it for the wrong reasons. Hence SG has kept it off.
If you / anyone still want to connect, then outside the game possibilities exists. If not having that, then …. Ask why ?!

Above is as per my understanding, unless I m missing something. Would be happy to know.

Cheers !

I stayed with my first guild for 2 and a half years before quitting. I just didn’t feel the need to leave and join a new one. It wasn’t until the need for mats came then I decided to leave (a sudden demand of 24 scopes!). Even my teammate there was like. ‘i’m surprised it too you this long to quit’


Wise call, my alliance remains publically gender neutral (abstract screen names) except for me and they all just use my actual name. Hitting on the girls? What could possibly be the point? The nearest one lives 12,000 km away. It’s not rocket science but some guys and one girl I know of do/have done it. What could be the possible point? SG got it right on this one imo. Creeping people out is just not on.