QoL - Stay in Team Build Screen after Costume Equip

Just a small QoL (Quality of Life) bug that occurs when you are un/equipping a costume through the “build (or edit) team” menu.

When you are editing/ building a team for alliance wars, raids, tournaments or even from the regular Roster Menu there seems to be a QoL bug in terms of what happens when you equip a costume while building the team.

Say you’re building your team & think “Oh I’d like to equip (or unequip) & use a costume this time!”

  1. You then go to change the hero look (costume) by hitting the question mark on their card.
  2. Then you change the costume & hit equip.
  3. Then you hit the “x” button to close the hero card
  4. Game then defaults OUT of the team building menu rather than going back to the roster.
  5. Your team then has a hole in it
  6. You then have to go BACK in and SCROLL AGAIN to find the hero who you just un/equipped the costume for & add them to the team.

As I said, mainly a Quality of Life thing rather than an end of the world bug.

Pictures below:
Editing team, scrolled to my Costume Rigard:

Tapped my Costume Rigard to change his costume by hitting the “?” button in top right corner:

Used Arrows to change to the Normal Rigard screen:

Hit the “Equip” button to equip his normal look:

Hit the “x” button in the top right corner and it goes ALL THE WAY OUT to the top edit team screen…:

Have to then re go into it, scroll down to find my costumed hero (or now uncostumed) and select them again… Not that far for rigard but is a LONGGGGGGG way if you’re looking for a 3* and have 200+ heroes…

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Marking as solved as per the request of OP.

Release notes with fix:

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