QoL - ? icon in fight for helper text

Would be great help to new players to have a ? icon in the fight screen next to the flee and fast forward buttons.

Tapping this icon would show a dialog that gives the following information:

  • Status Effect Icons and their descriptions
  • Ailment effect icons and their descriptions
  • The special abilities of the bosses for this scene
  • In PvP fights, would show the abilities of the characters you are fighting

At present, you have to google search the status effects to figure them out. Just seems it would be better to have a reference guide for them.

This is already available by tapping the respective hero

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There is one!

As you can see, there are a lot, more than could fit in a tooltip.


FYI @Enoch and @Benn I’ve changed Cheat Sheet to reference guide, because ‘cheat’ triggers an alarm and it’s giving me a headache :laughing:


I was wondering why my post had to be approved.


That is not easily known - some sort of helper text or something that indicates that was there (no one in my alliance was aware of it). But yes, that helps a lot. Thanks!

As for the reference guide - I don’t want to go to an external page to learn about the game. Would rather play a different game. shrug

That’s fair to say.

There are a lot of hidden nuggets

Have a look here for some other shortcuts and Easter eggs