QoL .. Balance Tournament Attacks

I’m sure there is some esoteric logic for Tournament match-ups … but the 1st logic rule should be (IMHO :upside_down_face:) to ensure everybody gets attacked approximately the same amount.

In my Alliance it is not uncommon for some to be attacked 20+ times while others not at all. Eventually everyone is attacked but the daily disparity is outrageous.

I envision something along the following:

  1. Define “norm” initially as 5 attacks per day
  2. Most Important is nobody should EVER … regardless of Tournament day … be attacked more than the norm+2
  3. After the pool has been limited by above, then implement the existing rules for match-up
  4. Each day the norm should be recalculated to address unused Attacks at a global level … more missing attacks means a lower norm
  5. Each individual should/could then have their own modified norm … if they don’t use some attacks, regardless of whether they’re still in or not, then maybe they’re attacked less … hypothetically at .5 for each unused Attack

Please UP vote if you like this concept … I’d welcome discussion of possible refinements

I like the idea :slight_smile: Introducing a max number of hits (in whatever form) would of course not solve all the problems, but at least it would push matchmaking into the right direction in one of its problems.

Simple and easy to implement and I can´t see anything else getting worse, because of it, I see no reason why not to do it.

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Good points. I’d love to see the stones from excluded element be removed from the boards. Strangely, its common to receive boards absotely filled with useless element stones.

The game is absurdly unbalanced and broken and we have to deal with this too. There’s not enough luck in this world that can make tournaments enjoyable.

A few tournaments ago i got attacked 0 times the whole time.

I don’t mind the “useless” stones/tiles … which only helps Defense

This is just another item to be overcome, which adds an additional challenge and … IMHO … is what makes them less humdrum

Which is kinda my whole point in the OP :+1:

To misquote the Bard … There’s something rotten in Denmark :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: