QoL Alchemy lab and Hero Acadamy - Add a "+" button for multiple Additions

I laughed out loud when I read this!

Since June 2020 this was brought up and the company who has made more than half a billion dollars didn’t even bother to drop a reply!

I hate to say this but we are all the idiots who made them this way. Stop spending and maybe they’ll listen better


Things are finally settling in…. QOL starting to happen… cheaper deals yada. So hopefully this gets looked into. :two_hearts::panda_face:

Thank you for keeping this alive - one can only hope it’ll be implemented some day :pray:

Would be great and may be that is a simple solution.

Hello again, dear developers!
It’s been a busy month, but don’t you think I forgot :slight_smile:

Can you please spend some time making QoL features? :slight_smile:
Lots of new heroes, no substantial QoL. Not cool.

As promised, I’ll keep bringing up this topic monthly until it’s either implemented or officially declined.
Kindly ask to consider.
I’m truly sorry if it’s annoying, but the community really needs these features.
Tell me “Latiy, we’re not gonna implement this in next 6 months” - and I won’t ask anything in these 6 months.



Team effort - please notice this, SG. :pray:



Maybe we should just post us filling it every-time

Streamable Video

Does everyone else hate the fact they can’t just tap and hold the plus button?

Surely SG can implement a second button or way so players can simply load up multiple with the same materials, instead of having to go +, auto, transmute, +, auto, transmute for 20 minutes…because that’s 20 minutes of our time we won’t get back and is being wasted. Specially if you have limited time to load in and play before, during (lunch break) and after work with family, sport and other commitments. I know most my alliance don’t even use the lab making it damn near pointless building to even have.

We want to be able to click and hold the damn plus button when we have the resources to do so, or choose to load up 20 or 50 at a time instead of 1.


Topic will be moved and merged because SGG DGAF in 3…2…1

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Well let’s keep spamming SG with these threads like they keeps spamming us with pop ups to buy, buy, buy, buy, buy bye

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Been asking for this since the revised AL was early in beta. Nothing ever happened with IIRC no explanation as to why it could not. Presumably beyond the programmers’ capabilities :man_shrugging:

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All it needs is a “remember my selection” checkbox in the AL item selection screen therefore allowing the plus button to be held down outside the screen as long as enough ingredients are present in the inventory.