QoL Alchemy lab and Hero Acadamy - Add a "+" button for multiple Additions

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Apologies if this is a dupe, but the suggested posts don’t show anything similar…

I’d like to see a way to add multiple Transmutations to an Alchemy Pot at the same time. This would be especially helpful at the lower levels (such as 1A or 1B). Currently, the process is:
**Select Plus Button (to add Alchemy Transmutation) from the level
**Select Items or Autofill
**Select Transmute
**Repeat the above 3 steps for each instance of a Transmutation that you want to run.

Could options such as “Transmute 10”, “Transmute 25”, or whatever other numbers SG decides work be added. The idea would be the same recipe would be repeated 10, 25, or X amount of times (assuming the user has the materials and food to start the transmutation).

It would be much easier to do that with the 3 “clicks”/button pushes than say, the 30 that are needed to add 10 Transmutations to a level.

Thanks for considering!

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I know most thoughts have been about AL but I would like to see the ability to stack multiple on HA10. It would allow me to open up some much needs roster space that these dupes are eating up.

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This building is NOT worth the iron for building it, the ham for research, the further resources for conversions…
The amount of…time…tapping recipes for a few extra backpacks…?
And even less crude iron…

For the amount of brain dead time you spend…mind numbingly tap tap tap tap tappity tap tap tapping some more and then tap tap tap tappiah tappory tappong tap tappy tap tap tap.
And then tap some more…

You could have farmed the material in that time! And gained resources! This building is a black hole…

I wish I could travel back in time and have a sit-down with myself. Pass on this building… way too much ham and iron has gone into this hand cramping waste of time.
Accept how ridiculous the lab is, and be grateful for the continued push towards not enjoying this gacha.

Thanks SG


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