QoL Alchemy lab and Hero Acadamy - Add a "+" button for multiple Additions

I am wondering why there is another ‘click’ in game needed to add to a running transmutation.
Very annoying and again more time consuming and not needed to be changed at all…
Same thing is the ‘extra back’ when feeding hero’s that we did not used to have.

Why are these extra ‘clicks’ included into the game and can we please get rid of them again?

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Agree, it’s annoying especially for shorter transmutations.

Maybe we could post it under #bugs-issues as we could assume it’s a bug rather than a feature. If you don’t mind it, I can move it there.


My guess is that this is not a bug…
@Petri could you confirm if working as intended or not?

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It’s going to be unpleasant feature
If i want to transmute say 3 minor health potions + 1 arrow attack and
run 2A transmute common into another common each time i have to add 3 minor health and 1 arrow attack manually and the + could just do that auto take the items previously used in transmute or make something like a ‘‘preset’’ to store the items you want to be used whenever you tap on +.

QoL is needed for sure!


Would be nice to know if this is intended and wanted or just a ‘programming error’

Another QoL, now for the hero academy.
Why is there a summary of what you have summoned, this in is only in the HA. Nowhere else we have this and this pops up randomly, after 2 summons, after 3 summons or not at all… That *****es me of.
Another click, not consistant when the popup is.

But seeing that there is no reply on my previous questions I guess this will not be checked, replied or addressed as well.

Please don’t let us waste our playing time by clicking unnecessary button to do simple thing… we already waste a lot of time by playing this addictive game


So only recently started using AL and it’s a pain to fill up the transmutation slots.
Some suggestions:

  • remember the last chosen materials for a transmutation when converting a new one of the same type (or adding more)
  • don’t close the transmute window automatically (add a close button if you will): this would allow you to spam autofill and transmute. Combined with suggestion #1 you could just spam (or hold?) the transmute button to fill it up
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Mine does remember it? I only had to put 12 herbs in once then it was a quicker process for me.

you did tap autofill for it and it automatically took 12 of that which you have most off
a smart system would keep those 12 in place so you could just keep hitting transmute instead of the now 3-tap system (or worse if you want to include different materials than the most in store)


Well…I’ve only been transmuting what I have the most off so honestly I don’t know.

I don’t see the point transmuting a material I have less off?

But different levels will be different I guess.

I accidently converted some arrows the first time I tried the battle item transmutation :slight_smile:
but that aside, if it was prefilled it would require less taps

You can aim to create specific item. See for example my formula to create backpacks:

If I went with autofill, it would only take my manuals and only produced a backpack 30% of time (10% knowing my luck).

It’s in fact terrible experience to load up the queue when your formula is more complicated than all in with your biggest stock. But I think I saw the topic about that already.


that’s actually one of the reasons why the auto-memory would be nice here :slight_smile:

Yeahs that’s fair…I use swords, rugged and Backpacks so I’m just doing 4 training manuals in that recipe and taking whatever of the 3 it throws me out

You are not alone in this

But you make it more clear with pictures :slight_smile:

@Guvnor @littleKAF

Possible merge? Do votes get combined when you merge idea/feature request topics?


Yes they do. That’s the advantage of merging in this category.


Just wanted to add this to my feedback on qol for alchemy lab. Filling process for AL is horrible


Hi in next update can you put a + button on the transmute tab as it only lets you transmute one at a time. It’s a chore adding it multiple times. Thanks


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